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'Stalwart' former legislator Olivia Cajero Bedford dies at 83

Olivia Cajero Bedford, a former lawmaker from Southern Arizona who served for nearly 20 years, has died. Cajero Bedford followed her parents into the Legislature, with terms in both the state House and Senate.... Read more»

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FactCheck: The whoppers of 2021

Fact checkers spent much of 2021 addressing vaccine misinformation, baseless election claims - and of course, numerous claims made by, and about, the new Biden administration - so here are the top stories at the forefront of the discussion.... Read more»

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Proposed redistricting diminishes clout of Southern Arizona voters

If we don't take our time to get this right, the power of Southern Arizona will be unfairly diminished for the next decade, and our community won’t be ensured representation that reflects the values of our community and fights for our priorities. — Sami Hamed, Richard Estrada & Tony Zinman... Read more»1

Redistricting commission aims for new Arizona election maps by late December

Arizonans will see final versions of new election maps shortly before Christmas under a schedule the Independent Redistricting Commission adopted, with the caveat that things could still stretch into January due to a pandemic-induced delay in Census data.... Read more»

High-stakes 2020 races shatter Arizona campaign spending records

Arizonans were heavily invested in this fall’s elections, donating more than $110 million to support candidates and high-profile ballot initiatives. That's up from $60 million four years ago.... Read more»

Dems file lawsuit to let Az voters correct unsigned early ballots

Local and national Democratic Party organizations are suing Arizona election officials to block them from automatically throwing out early ballots that haven't been signed by voters.... Read more»

Uber, Lyft surge ahead of cabs in campaign expense reports

The initial public offering of Uber shares this month fell short of expectations, but there’s at least one audience where the ride-sharing service dominates: members of Congress.... Read more»

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Appoint, don't anoint: Let the voters grant incumbency on McCain's next successor

Gov. Doug Ducey should remember the power of incumbency should be earned, not awarded, But is the right to fill out late Sen. John McCain's term really a prize?... Read more»

Tribes strike back: Native Americans work to overcome voter laws they say diminish their influence

Across the West, Native Americans are fighting to overcome voter ID laws, polling place closures and voter registration purges. They could affect key midterm elections... Read more»

Arizona: It's no longer illegal to post your ballot on Facebook

Arizona voters who fill out their early ballots and post photos of them on social media are no longer risking jail time, thanks to a change in state law.... Read more»

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GOP Council slate looks like the real deal

After five years of half starts and fits, the Republicans have put together a field of Tucson City Council candidates that could give Democrats fits all their own.... Read more»4

Republicans file for Council races, still no GOP mayoral candidate

Updated: Three Republicans have filed paperwork to run against the Democratic incumbents on the Tucson City Council, but no GOP challenger has yet emerged to take on Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. ... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Charter changes: Tucson could use some competitive elections

Elections in Tucson are too safe for incumbents so a citizens committee looking at charter changes should think big and create competitive elections. ... Read more»2

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Why you should care about Tucson's City Charter

The cool part about the Charter is that Tucson residents control their constitution, not the governor, not the Legislature, not Pima County, and not special interest groups.... Read more»

Who's running for Tucson-area school boards

Here's a list of the people running for the governing boards of the Tucson area's larger school districts.... Read more»1

Candidate filings open for school board elections

Candidates for local school board elections can now sign up to run; the filing period opened Monday and runs through Aug. 6.... Read more»2

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