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Az’s undocumented population declines 14% since 2009

Arizona's undocumented population has declined by 14% in the last decade, according to new data released by the Center for Migration Studies.... Read more»

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Biden opened temporary legal status to thousands of immigrants. Here's how they could end up trapped.

Thousands of Venezuelan and Burmese immigrants just got to apply for temporary protected status. But as congressional Democrats work on a path to citizenship for immigrants who’ve had the status for decades, new grantees could be left out. ... Read more»

Trump administration rushing deportations of migrant kids during coronavirus

Their father was missing. Their mother was miles away. Two sisters, ages 8 and 11, were survivors of sexual assault and at risk of deportation. With the nation focused on COVID-19, the U.S. government is rushing the deportations of migrant children.... Read more»

Democratic senators demand answers on Trump’s secretive border expulsions

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the Department of Homeland Security to explain why it thinks emergency powers granted to the CDC allow it to bypass existing asylum laws.... Read more»

Border Patrol given 'unchallengable authority' to expel migrants seeking asylum, citing coronavirus fears

For the first time since the enactment of the Refugee Act in 1980, people who come to the U.S. saying they fear persecution in their home countries are being turned away by Border Patrol agents with no chance to make a legal case for asylum.... Read more»

Judge finds no deportation risk to asylum seekers under Trump rule

A federal judge overseeing an immigration class action found Tuesday that asylum seekers aren’t at risk of being deported under the “safe third country” rule to three South American countries many are fleeing, despite reports this week deportations have been made to Guatemala.... Read more»

200 migrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol near Sasabe

More than 200 people, including families traveling with children, surrendered to Border Patrol agents Saturday night in five separate groups near Sasabe, Ariz.... Read more»

Family apprehensions at border fell below adults apprehended in October

For the first time in at least a year, more adult immigrants were apprehended at the southern border than families, according to October apprehension numbers released Thursday by Customs and Border Protection.... Read more»

Missing migrants: Failing to bring back the dead

International systems to identify and return the remains of migrants who die on their journey from Latin America to the United States continue to fail.... Read more»

Taking flight: 100 Angels nonprofit provides medical relief to migrant families

Created in December, the new nonprofit, 100 Angels Foundation, provides medical supplies and health care to those seeking asylum in the United States, including families from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. ... Read more»

Feds detained nearly 1 million at Mexico border in past year

New statistics reported Tuesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that roughly 1 million migrants have been detained at the southern border in the last year, the most in over a decade.... Read more»

Trump administration reduces numbers, tightens criteria for refugees

White House officials announced late Thursday that the administration was proposing to cap the number of refugees admitted in the upcoming fiscal year to 18,000 people – with more than half those slots reserved for refugees from specific countries or in certain situations.... Read more»

White House reaches asylum deal with El Salvador

The Trump administration on Friday signed an immigration agreement with El Salvador that could allow the United States to send asylum seekers who arrive at the southern border to the Central American country, which ranks as one of the most dangerous in the world. ... Read more»

How climate change is driving emigration from Central America

Rising global temperatures, the spread of crop disease and extreme weather events have made coffee harvests unreliable in places like El Salvador and that could lead to millions leaving the region.... Read more»

The case that made an ex-ICE attorney realize the gov't was relying on false 'evidence' against migrants

Years after quitting her job as an attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Laura Peña returned to the fight — defending migrants she’d once prosecuted. Then, a perplexing family separation case forced her to call upon everything she’d learned. ... Read more»

Migrant moms await due dates & court dates

A growing number of expectant mothers are among the migrants pouring in daily from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador — even Haiti — to more than 30 already overflowing shelters in Tijuana, Mexico.... Read more»

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