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El Paso shelter network scrambles to house 1,200 migrants released over the weekend

More than 1,200 migrants who crossed the border in Del Rio, Texas, were released from federal custody into El Paso between Thursday and Sunday, often with little warning, Annunciation House founder Ruben Garcia said during a press conference Monday.... Read more»

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Haitian migrants are being transported to El Paso before being expelled to Haiti

Following the arrival of thousands of Haitian migrants to the small Texas border city of Del Rio, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun transporting Haitians to El Paso as part of a mass expulsion operation.... Read more»

Delta COVID is wreaking havoc on most of Texas — but why not in El Paso?

High vaccination rates, geography and a sense of community in the wake of 2019’s Walmart shootings help keep El Paso’s delta numbers low, experts and locals say. ... Read more»

In Ciudad Juárez, shelters already strained beyond capacity brace for MPP reinstatement

A shelter just across the U.S.-Mexico border from El Paso was already straining to keep up with growing needs, and now advocates are concerned how the city will accommodate migrants after the Biden administration was ordered to reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols. ... Read more»

Watch: Families keep alive memories of women slain and dumped in Valley of Juárez arroyo

In the Valley of Juárez, a seemingly tranquil arroyo has been the site of carnage, a place where the remains of at least 24 murdered women were found between 2008 and 2013. Their families strive to keep their memories alive.... Read more»

COVID cases surge at El Paso ICE detention facilities

Two El Paso-area ICE detention facilities are seeing large outbreaks of COVID-19 among detained migrants, with a combines 138 current confirmed cases - up from three cases as of July 12 - all part of a trend: There are nearly 1,400 current cases among people in ICE detention.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Beto O'Rourke: To address problems & opportunities at border, listen to people who live here

As the the universe of nativist American media border has built a powerful false narrative that immigrants are dangerous thieves of our resources, border residents have borne the brunt of the challenges faced by area communities, and it is also the border that can provide the solutions. ... Read more»

U.S. closing loophole that lured Mexicans over the border to donate plasma for cash

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is closing a legal loophole that allowed blood plasma companies to harvest plasma from thousands of Mexicans a day, who were lured by bonus payments and hefty cash rewards.... Read more»

VP Harris defends El Paso trip, vows to address root causes of migration

Vice President Kamala Harris made it to the U.S.-Mexico border Friday, though her focus remained on what was happening south of the Rio Grande in the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.... Read more»

VP Kamala Harris making first border visit in El Paso on Friday

Vice President Kamala Harris will head to El Paso on Friday, the first visit to the border by the Biden administration’s point person on migration issues.... Read more»

In the middle of the Rio Grande, separated families reunite for 3 minutes

The Hugs Not Walls event put on by the El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights, in partnership with the Mexican and United States governments, allows families from both sides of the river with no legal means to reunite to reconnect for a brief embrace in the middle of the Rio Grande.... Read more»

ICE deported key witness in sexual assault investigation at El Paso detention center

Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department inspectors general are investigating allegations that ICE guards assaulted detainees in camera blind spots. ... Read more»

ICE guards 'systematically' sexually assault detainees in an El Paso detention center, lawyers say

Allegations include guards attacking victims in camera “blind spots” and telling them that “no one would believe” them in ICE detention centers, which imprison about 50,000 immigrants each year at a taxpayer expense of $2.7 billion.... Read more»

Eroding private border wall to get engineering inspection months after completion

Months after the “Lamborghini” of border walls was built along the Rio Grande, the builder agreed to an engineering inspection of his controversial structure. Experts say the wall is showing signs of erosion that threatens its stability.... Read more»

ICE to free 6 migrant women who sued for release over COVID-19 fears

Six women will be freed from an El Paso immigration detention facility on Wednesday, five days after they alleged that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was putting them in danger of contracting COVID-19... Read more»

Travel restrictions at U.S.-Mexico border have area businesses grappling with uncertainty

The potential collapse of cross-border commerce has added border store owners to the ranks of Texas restaurateurs and other small businesses who don’t know how they’ll be able to make ends meet.... Read more»

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