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Former staffer sues Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, her husband and state

Flagstaff Republican Wendy Rogers’ former assistant is suing the senator, her husband and the state, alleging wrongful termination, assault and emotional distress stemming from a series of alleged incidents that occurred earlier this year.... Read more»

Student nurses who refuse vaccination struggle to complete degrees

In early September, the Biden administration announced that workers at health care facilities would be required to receive COVID vaccines - but nursing students who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are in an increasingly precarious position. ... Read more»

Who’s covered by a vaccine mandate? Here’s a quick guide to America’s patchwork of COVID-19 shot requirements

While it’s unclear how many people in total are covered by the overlapping vaccine mandates, they most likely now affect a significant majority of eligible Americans.... Read more»

'Religious' exemptions add legal thorns to looming vaccine mandates

With workplace vaccine mandates in the offing, opponents are turning to a tried-and-true recourse for avoiding a COVID-19 shot: the claim that vaccination interferes with religious beliefs - but no major denomination opposes vaccination.... Read more»

Pima moves to require COVID shots for all county gov't workers

All employees of Pima County will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 1 under a policy being considered by the Board of Supervisors.... Read more»3

'Don’t you work with old people?': Many elder-care workers still refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine

As the Delta variant brings a new spike in coronavirus numbers across the nation, only 59% of staff at the nation’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are fully or partially vaccinated - with eight states reporting an average rate of less than half.... Read more»

FactCheck: Exploring the legality of COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Generally, employers, colleges and universities may require immunizations, but there is some uncertainty about the legality of mandating vaccines authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.... Read more»

Arizona law enforcement doesn’t reflect state’s diversity

Despite national calls for more diverse law enforcement agencies, very few, if any, Arizona police departments reflect the demographics of the communities they serve.... Read more»

Court: Mine can give job preference to Navajo workers on tribal land

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Peabody Western Coal Co. can give preference to Navajo tribal members when making hiring decisions for mines on the Navajo Nation.... Read more»

Obama and executive overreach

The issue of executive overreach from President Obama was debated on “Fox News Sunday,” but on two issues, the rhetoric outpaced the facts.... Read more»

Hobby Lobby decision may not be last word on birth control coverage

State laws and an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruling may come into play.... Read more»

Fired Texas police chief at the center of a divide

After 16 months as police chief of Jasper, Texas, Rodney Pearson was fired by a newly elected City Council that said he was never qualified to hold the job. His dismissal has dredged up bitter memories of the town’s not-so-distant past.... Read more»

Transportation Security Administration

Air marshals dogged by discrimination complaints

Some in the Federal Air Marshal Service say discrimination and retaliation distracts them from their mission of stopping terrorists and protecting passengers. ... Read more»