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FactCheck: Biden’s economic spin

In a May 10 speech on inflation and the economy, President Joe Biden made some misleading claims and used political spin to criticize Republicans and promote his policies.... Read more»

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Fed hopes for 'soft landing' for U.S. economy, but history suggests it won’t be able to prevent recession

With inflation surging to a new 40-year high and continuing to accelerate, the Fed is expected to lift interest rates a planned seven times in 2022 to cool demand and slow rising prices - but there is a likelihood of a recession in the not too distant future. ... Read more»

Biden asks Congress for $33 billion for Ukraine aid, pleads again for COVID funds

President Joe Biden on Thursday asked Congress to approve $33 billion more in funding to help Ukraine fight off a Russian invasion that has lasted more than two months and renewed calls for additional funding to fight COVID-19.... Read more»

At the crossroads: State of the economy in Indian Country

'Stealth' economy for tribes hides billions of dollars in jobs, growth and revenue for rural communities

Tribal enterprises and governments are significant players in their regional economies and to the nation as a whole - but since there are no numbers that chart the impact from tribal communities across the nation, how much and where tribes contribute is a well-kept secret. ... Read more»

In face of rampant inflation, Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time since 2018

Citing massive inflation and the invasion by Ukraine by Russia, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates Wednesday for the first time in three years while also predicting more rate hikes to come. ... Read more»

As pandemic ends, so does rent aid, leaving uncertain future for Pima County tenants

The pandemic brought a windfall in rental assistance in Pima County, but as COVID-19 winds down, so will that aid. The local housing crisis hasn't ended, and community workers, government officials and tenants alike say rent hikes will mean spikes in the number of homeless people here.... Read more»

‘Made in America’ boast will get a bit more challenging to make

President Joe Biden unveiled new rules Friday that will more closely scrutinize where the creation of components in a product labeled "Made in America" occurred, a move the White House says will bolster domestic manufacturing as more companies announce plans for U.S. factory jobs. ... Read more»

Biden ordered to stop exempting migrant youth from expulsion policy

The Biden administration must stop giving unaccompanied children a pass from a pandemic-related policy used to promptly expel immigrants who have entered the country without papers, a federal judge ruled Friday. ... Read more»

Tucson equitable housing group to introduce plans for cross-town affordable housing area

The city of Tucson's Commission on Equitable Housing and Deverlopment, a community-led group, will introduce a plan for creating affordable housing along a 15-mile north-south transit corridor.... Read more»

In State of the Union, Biden urges 'unmistakable' support for democracy in Ukraine

President Joe Biden used his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night to reassert America as a leading global voice for democracy and condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin for starting an “unprovoked” war in Ukraine. ... Read more»

State of the Union

Biden: 'We are the only nation that can be defined by a single word: Possibilities'

"We are the only nation on Earth that has always turned every crisis we have faced into an opportunity. The only nation that can be defined by a single word: possibilities."... Read more»

Bombs hit Ukrainian cities as Russian economy sinks

The shelling of Ukrainian cities intensified on Monday as Ukraine and Russia exchanged accusations about war crimes and blamed each other for starting a war that has brought the world to the brink of a global catastrophe. ... Read more»

Here’s what you will hear Biden talk about in his debut State of the Union

President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address is set to focus significantly on the economy, with the former member of the U.S. Senate calling on Congress to pass much of the agenda stalled in the so-called Build Back Better bill. ... Read more»

$22 million added to Tucson, Pima County rental assistance program

$22 million in federal rental assistance has made its way to Pima County and Tucson after sitting undistributed in state coffers. The county and city have already delivered more than $56 million to help tenants pay rent and utility bills during the pandemic.... Read more»

PimaRecovers.com site tracks county's COVID relief spending

Pima County has launched a website to publish how federal COVID relief has been spent during the pandemic. PimaRecovers.com details the use of more than $300 million, including for eviction relief. ... Read more»


Hellertoon: The real monster behind inflation

If your household budget is feeling a bit pinched, or chewed up, these days, what's behind the increase in costs for consumers bears some thinking about.... Read more»

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