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Can’t hurt to ask: Arizona lawmakers raise earmark requests by $194 million

For a second straight year, Republicans refrained from requesting any local projects funding, while Democrats this year raised their requests by more than $194.5 million, a 43% increase over last year, when earmarks were restored after a decade-long hiatus.... Read more»

Return of earmarks a boon for members of Congress facing midterm battles

Vulnerable lawmakers from throughout the country are set to rake in federal cash for home-state projects after a major spending bill included the first round of earmarks in more than a decade.... Read more»

Congress reaches deal on massive spending package with billions for COVID aid, Ukraine

Democrats and Republicans forged agreement early Wednesday on a spending package that will fund the government for the next eight months, as well as provide billions in emergency funding for COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. ... Read more»

In rush to restore budget earmarks, Arizona lawmakers made modest asks

Congress restored earmarks this year, and more than 300 House members rushed in with $7.1 billion in special requests - but Arizona lawmakers were modest: No Republicans asked for earmarks and all five Democrats were in or near the bottom half of the amounts requested.... Read more»

Electric buses, asphalt and bridges: Politicians jostle for federal transportation cash

Earmarks - money designated for specific projects in congressional spending bills - banished following intense public criticism of corruption and a lack of fairness, are back with new guidelines in the fight over infrastructure funds and four Arizona Democrats have requested nearly $155 million in transportation money.... Read more»

House Republicans balk at proposal to ease ban on earmarks

The House Republican Caucus sidestepped a proposal Wednesday that would have lifted a five-year-old ban on congressional earmarks, the special local “pork barrel” projects that can be slipped into budget bills with little public notice.... Read more»


McCain flubs earmark claim against Gingrich

Sen. John McCain incorrectly claimed that earmarks nearly doubled from $7.8 billion to $14.5 billion in Newt Gingrich's first two years as House speaker. Actually, the increase was about half that. ... Read more»

A handy guide to Michele Bachmann and her record

Though she certainly has a challenger in Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has held the title of Tea Party favorite thus far in the presidential race, touting her opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage, support of "intelligent design," and rejection of the scientific consensus that human activity is a leading cause of global warming.... Read more»