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Arizona voters get new shot at legalizing recreational pot

Starting with early voting Oct. 7, Arizonans began casting ballots on Proposition 207, a voter initiative that would legalize cannabis, launch a retail market, designate where taxes would go and revamp penalties for possession. ... Read more»1

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Colombia's controversial coca spraying could be the next drug war casualty

Last October an American anti-drug pilot was fumigating Colombian coca fields when Marxist guerrillas opened fire at his crop duster. Two bullets hit his left leg but the pilot managed to land safely in a cow pasture. He was lucky. Three weeks earlier, rebel gunfire brought down another anti-drug crop-dusting plane, killing the American pilot on board.... Read more»

How Peru could become America's next drug war debacle

Peru (and the U.S.) want the country's coca eradicated. But farmers from the world's coca capital depending on the cocaine source warn there will be blood.... Read more»

Mexico’s militia moms fight crime and the law

After decades making another life in the United States, Nestora Salgado found herself back home in southern Mexico's mountains, leading scores of mostly male volunteer police against gangsters and officials alike. Salgado, 42, was elected commander this spring of the community police in Olinala, an artisan and cattle town buried deep in the Pacific coast range of Guerrero state.... Read more»

Drug gang violence: Very bad things are happening in Honduras

Escalating drug wars and military raids of prison push Honduras closer to the edge. Migrants say they must leave to save their lives. ... Read more»

Mexico's drug war shifts gears, again

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had seemed eager to pull back from his predecessor's militarized drug war swagger. But now the navy, aided by US intelligence, is netting cartel capos again with a vengeance. ... Read more»

Is Colombia winning the drug war?

The annual United Nations survey on coca plant production in the Andean region serves as a kind of drug war report card — yet it’s hard to tell whether Colombia is passing or failing.... Read more»

How the Sinaloa cartel won Mexico’s drug war

For well over a century, local farmers have harvested marijuana and opium in the rugged mountains surrounding Badiraguato. Since the 1980s, the Sinaloa cartel has acted as their Wal-Mart, transporting the mind-bending cargo north with quasi-corporate efficiency, and distributing it to a narcotics-craving United States market.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war

Nieto eyes retired Colombian general for security advisor

Colombian Gen. Oscar Naranjo will be Mexico's chief security advisor if presidential front-runner Enrique Peña Nieto wins next month's election.... Read more»

Gunmen kill 11 at Mexican drug rehab center

Gunmen killed 11 people and wounded as many as 10 others at a drug rehabilitation center in northern Mexico on Sunday, almost a year to the day after a similar attack nearby.... Read more»

Fourth army officer held in Mexico drug cartel probe

A fourth high-ranking Mexican military officer has been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged army links to drug cartels.... Read more»

2 Mexican army generals detained over alleged cartel ties

Mexican soldiers have detained two army generals, including a former assistant defense secretary, over their alleged links to organized crime. ... Read more»1

Journalists found slain in Mexico

The dismembered bodies of two photojournalists were found in Mexico’s eastern state of Veracruz Thursday, less than a week after a magazine reporter was found dead in her home in the same state.... Read more»

In Latin America, 'critical mass' urges end to drug war

When leaders want to revise their drug laws, they go to Ethan Nadelmann for advice. GlobalPost interviewed him about the state of the "legalize it" debate in the Americas.... Read more»

Summit of the Americas

Peru backs the U.S. in the war on drugs

As some Latin American leaders call for legalization of narcotics, Peru — a leading coca grower — remains opposed. A former anti-drug czar-turned-dissident explains why.... Read more»1

Summit of the Americas

Obama: Legalization not the answer to drug war

Speaking at the Summit of the Americas, President Barack Obama on Saturday told Latin American leaders that legalization was not the answer to the drug war.... Read more»1

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