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Los cárteles contrabandean cada vez más fentanilo a través de la frontera

Aunque la marihuana ha sido la fuente de ingresos más rentable para los cárteles mexicanos, la legalización del cannabis en los estados de EE. UU., a provocado un cambio de rumbo: el fentanilo es más rentable, con un gramo que cuesta entre $150 y $200 en la calle, en comparación con aproximadamente $15 por gramo de marihuana.... Read more»

As marijuana profits fade, cartels increasingly smuggle fentanyl

Although marijuana has been one of the most profitable cash cows for Mexican cartels, legalization of cannabis in the U.S. has prompted a change - fentanyl is more profitable, with a gram going for $150 to $200 on the street, compared with about $15 for a gram of weed.... Read more»

Q&A: How a brother’s drug overdose led to one woman’s crusade to reduce harm

Jaclyn Brown has transformed grief from losing her brother to an overdose into action; since August 2020, Brown has served as volunteer coordinator at Shot in the Dark, a nonprofit that provides clean syringes, overdose medication, and other resources to people struggling with addiction. ... Read more»

From Uber vouchers to patient advocates: What it takes to increase ER addiction treatment

A report found that despite widespread consensus on the importance of addiction treatment in the ER and an unprecedented rise in overdose deaths, many hospitals fail to screen for substance use, offer medications to treat opioid use disorder or connect patients to follow-up care.... Read more»

The deadliest year: Overall death toll grew by 25% in Arizona in 2020

Total deaths in Arizona rose 25% in 2020 over the previous year, with some counties seeing increases approaching 50% for the year in which COVID-19 became a leading killer in the state. ... Read more»

Goofball: Dangerous drug combination increases likelihood of opioid overdoses

More opioid users nationwide now use meth, with a 34% increase in 2017, According to a study published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal. The greatest increases in meth use were reported in the western U.S.... Read more»

Brnovich makes long-shot pitch to Supreme Court to take opioid lawsuit

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday to stop the Sackler family from “looting” Purdue Pharma of billions of dollars being sought by victims of the opioid crisis the company is accused of helping create.... Read more»

Vets with PTSD more likely to get addictive painkillers

Recently returned war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are twice as likely to be prescribed addictive painkillers.... Read more»