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Stiff fentanyl sentences in Arizona would target users, not just dealers, critics say

A GOP plan to impose stiff prison sentences against those who make and sell fentanyl is more likely to sweep up drug addicts than the dealers it ostensibly seeks to punish, critics said Thursday. ... Read more»

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Cartel avocados? Suspending imports isn’t the answer to problem

As avocados from Mexico have grown increasingly popular on U.S. dinner tables in recent years, so has insecurity in the region in which they are cultivated, leading criminal organizations in Mexico to extortion of legal enterprises as an easy way to make money.... Read more»

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Arizona AG Brnovich’s radical, lawless border war opinion normalizes extremism - sets stage for violence

It’s impossible to overstate just how lawless and dangerous Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich showed himself to be when he issued a flagrantly political legal opinion that all but dares Gov. Doug Ducey to declare a literal war and send troops to the border.... Read more»

Brnovich: Ducey could send troops to border to defend Arizona from 'invasion' of cartels, smugglers

Arizona AG Brnovich says Gov. Ducey would be on solid constitutional ground if he invoked war powers and sent the Arizona National Guard to the U.S-Mexico border to stop what he says is an "invasion" of drug cartels and criminal gangs.... Read more»

CBP agents in Nogales rely on technology in race against Mexican drug cartels

Arizona accounts for more than 9% of drugs that cross the land border into the U.S. from Mexico each year, and technology does some of the dirty work of stemming the flow as Mexican cartels work to stay steps ahead of them.... Read more»

Lawsuit alleges U.S. gun manufacturers bear responsibility for Mexico violence

In an effort to reduce gun smuggling, the Mexican government is suing a group of gun manufacturers — including Glock, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing and Colt’s Manufacturing — in the United States, and the first hearing was held last week in Boston. ... Read more»

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, journalism Is an act of resistance

Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante and Jeannine Relly, journalism professors based at the University of Arizona, spent the last decade collecting dozens of oral histories from journalists working along the U.S.-Mexico border, and in Mexican states hit hard by drug violence. ... Read more»

El Chapo's brother indicted in Tucson for drug trafficking, U.S. offers $5M reward

Federal officials in Tucson unsealed two indictments against Aureliano Guzmán-Loera — the brother of the notorious drug kingpin known as El Chapo — charging him and other high-ranking members of the Sinaloa Cartel with international drug trafficking.... Read more»

Coalition targets illegal tobacco trade, with Arizona among top states in contraband

Arizona is among the worst states for smuggling of illegal goods, along with California, Texas, Florida and eight others being targeted by a new nationwide initiative from Phillip Morris – United to Safeguard America From Illegal Trade.... Read more»

Cannabis companies say legal weed will save Mexico, but no one’s sure how

Sponsors of Expoweed 2021 in Mexico City - which aims to “break stigmas” of marijuana use and “create new paradigms as a society” - hails the cannabis industry’s ability to tackle society’s issues, but understates the history of drug violence as Mexico moves towards legalization.... Read more»

Sonora: Esa tierra donde no pasaba nada

En Magdalena de Kino, una historia reciente de violencia ha dejado frío y amenazador un lugar que alguna vez fue cálido y familiar. Maritza L. Félix escribe sobre cómo es visitar su ciudad natal en Sonora.... Read more»


Sonora: That land where nothing happened

In Magdalena de Kino, a recent history of violence has left a once warm and familiar place cold and threatening. Maritza L. Félix writes about what it's like to visit her hometown in Sonora. ... Read more»

Mexican border cities: too dangerous for Americans but safe enough for migrants, U.S. government says

The State Department has issued warnings advising against travel to Mexican border states and the president has considered labeling cartels as terrorist organizations. But Trump officials continue to downplay the violence in cities where "remain in Mexico" is in place. ... Read more»

FactChecking the November Democratic debate

Several candidates twisted the facts on health care, student loan debt, the gender wage gap and more.... Read more»

9 members of Mormon family killed in ambush in northern Mexico

Gunmen ambushed members of a Mormon community near a town in northern Mexico on Monday morning, killing three women and six children, and wounding five other children. ... Read more»

Missing migrants: Failing to bring back the dead

International systems to identify and return the remains of migrants who die on their journey from Latin America to the United States continue to fail.... Read more»

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