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Arizona highway deaths rose during pandemic, as driving was declining

Traffic deaths in Arizona surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, even as the number of miles driven in the state appeared to be decreasing, according to preliminary statistics from 2020. There were 1,072 deaths on the state’s highways in 2020, the most in at least the past 10 years and a sharp increase from the 980 deaths recorded in 2019, according to preliminary data from the Governor’s Office on Highway Safety.... Read more»

Report ranks Phoenix, Tucson top cities for safe drivers

Anyone who’s been tailgated, cut off or rear-ended while driving on the streets and freeways here may be surprised to learn that Phoenix drivers rank as the safest around. Tucson and Mesa also ranked as the top cities in their respective population sizes. ... Read more»1

Feds leaving cities, states in dark on billboard safety

While battles flare nationwide over digital billboards, many state and local officials have hoped that a FHA study would clarify key traffic safety issues. Experts say long overdue results of the study were botched.... Read more»

Report: Az has 2nd worst traffic-safety laws in nation

Arizona got a failing grade Wednesday from a national highway safety group that said the state has adopted fewer than five of the 15 laws the group considers basic to traffic safety.... Read more»2

Saudi woman faces trial for driving

Najalaa Harrir, one of the Saudi activists behind the "My Right, My Dignity" campaign trying to end discrimination against women, will be brought to trial for violating Saudi Arabia's ban on female drivers,... Read more»

Women still can't drive in Saudi Arabia

A week-old campaign by Saudi women to overturn this country’s ban on female drivers is limping along, hampered by female apathy, conservative opposition, lukewarm government support and the priorities of summer vacation travel plans.... Read more»

Saudi women drive cars in defiance of ban

Women in Saudi Arabia have started openly driving cars in defiance of a ban on female drivers in the kingdom and say the campaign for the right to drive will continue until the ban is lifted.... Read more»1

Saudi women demand right to drive

Women have been demanding the right to drive in recent weeks through a campaign on Facebook called “I will drive my car myself,” and via Twitter urging women to grab the car keys and drive themselves on an errand Friday. (with video)... Read more»

Saudi woman arrested for driving

A Saudi woman was arrested—again—for driving her car, an act banned in the ultraconservative kingdom. Activists claim the authorities cracked down on Manal al-Sherif out of fear that her online campaign to encourage women to drive might gather steam.... Read more»

After son's death, father lobbies for ban on texting drivers

Two months after a young driver hit and killed his son, Robert Okerblom still couldn't understand how the driver didn't seen him riding his bicycle – until he checked the phone records. "We subpoenaed the phone records and found she had been texting."... Read more»2

Farley calls for ban on texting while driving

Despite repeated failures in the past, a Tucson lawmaker is out to curb distracted driving with bills that would ban all cell phone use by drivers under 18 and outlaw text messaging as part of a wide range of distractions.... Read more»

Ban on texting while driving passes Az Senate

A ban on texting behind the wheel came a step closer to becoming law Monday when the state Senate approved the bill, sending it over to the House.... Read more»

Az legislature

Senate gives preliminary OK to bill banning texting while driving

The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would outlaw text messaging while driving and hit offenders with a minimum fine of $50.... Read more»