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ICE permitirá más arrestos de inmigrantes después del fallo de un juez

Agentes de inmigración ya no priorizarán el arresto de inmigrantes que creen que son una amenaza para la seguridad nacional, luego de que un juez federal falló que no debe concentrar en un segmento reducido de personas presuntas de estar ilegalmente en EE. UU.... Read more»

ICE shifts policy to allow more immigration arrests after judge's ruling

Immigration officials will no longer prioritize arresting migrants who are believed to be national security threats, after a federal judge ruled that Homeland Security agents should not focus on a narrow segment of people suspected of being in the United States illegally.... Read more»

Federal judge reverses Biden immigration orders that released detained immigrants

The Biden administration must revamp its deportation policies, a Trump-appointed judge ruled Friday, finding they conflict with immigration statutes by making optional the detention of noncitizens convicted of aggravated felonies and other serious crimes. ... Read more»

Fifth Circuit halts order for Biden to step up deportations

A federal judge erred in blocking the Biden administration’s policies guiding which undocumented immigrants it is prioritizing to arrest for deportations, a Fifth Circuit panel ruled - one month after a different panel declined to stay another order for the restart of Trump's MPP.... Read more»

Federal judge halts Biden deportation policies

Siding with Texas and Louisiana, a federal judge ruled Thursday the Biden administration's new policies limiting deportations violate standards set by Congress. ... Read more»

Judge indefinitely blocks Biden administration’s 100-day deportation freeze

A ruling by a federal judge in Texas has put an indefinite halt to President Biden’s 100-day halt to deportations. Texas AG Ken Paxton, the subject of a criminal investigation accusing him of accepting a bribe, argued the state would face financial harm if undocumented immigrants were released there.... Read more»

Arizona AG demands Biden roll back deportation halt, but validity of Trump admin deal is questioned

Arizona's Attorney General Mark Brnovich demanded the Biden administration stick to an agreement signed by Homeland Security officials in the final days of the Trump administration, which requires the federal government to consult state officials before implementing new immigration policies.... Read more»