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Deadly fentanyl disguised as 'black tar heroin' showing up on Tucson streets

A dark drug is being peddled by Southern Arizona dealers: a concoction of potentially lethal levels of the synthetic narcotic fentanyl and burned sugar, designed to resemble black tar heroin, authorities said.... Read more»

Fentanyl overdoses rise, cartels still eager to funnel more via Arizona

Despite significant seizures of fentanyl over the past year, the lethal synthetic opioid keeps pouring into the country across Arizona’s border with Mexico, the DEA and state DPS say.... Read more»

Sex-trafficking task force wants tougher laws against johns

A task force Gov. Jan Brewer assembled to address human trafficking plans to recommend laws toughening penalties for johns in child prostitution cases and raising public awareness of the problem.... Read more»1

Drug smuggling ring busted: 25 arrested, 46 indicted

Federal and state authorities have arrested 25 of 46 members of a drug smuggling organization that moved marijuana across the Tohono O'odham Nation, they announced Thursday, with arrests being made "even as we speak."... Read more»1