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U.S. Senate, in 64-34 vote, advances bipartisan gun legislation

Bipartisan legislation passed in the Senate would enhance background checks for gun buyers younger than 21 and make it easier to remove guns from people threatening to kill themselves or others, as well as people who have committed domestic violence. ... Read more»

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DOJ updates guide on gender bias for police response to sexual assault, domestic violence

The Department of Justice is trying to help law enforcement better recognize, mitigate and prevent gender bias when responding to and investigating sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence cases.... Read more»

Indigenous leaders gather in Arizona to discuss violence against Native women

On Thursday, Indigenous men and women across Arizona gathered in solidarity for the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Peoples rally to march in a plea to receive more support to fight against violence on their sovereign lands.... Read more»

Ending 'life of violence': Raising awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

May 5 is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and events are being held at the local, state and national level to allow people to reflect on the movement and discuss the work that still needs to be done.... Read more»

Court: University of Arizona not liable for off-campus assault by former player

The University of Arizona cannot be held liable under Title IX for a football player’s off-campus assault of his girlfriend, even though the university exercises “substantial control” over its student athletes, a federal court said Tuesday. ... Read more»

Funding available for Arizona tribal governments to support public safety

Arizona tribal governments can go after funding - available through the U.S. Department of Justice - to help their communities in the areas of crime prevention, victim services and coordinated community responses to violence against Indigenous women.... Read more»

Pascua Yaqui Tribe awarded grant to support domestic violence prosecution efforts

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women for more than $100,000 to prosecute non-Native offenders of domestic violence-related crimes committed within their community.... Read more»

'A matter of dignity': Biden signs executive order to address violence against Indigenous people

President Joe Biden signed an executive order at the White House Tribal Nations Summit directing federal agencies to create a strategy that will improve the public safety and justice for Native Americans, as well as address the crisis of missing or murdered Indigenous peoples.... Read more»

Bipartisan support for red flag laws wanes as GOP blocks bills

Most of the 19 states that have red flag laws adopted them after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida—a tragedy that could have been prevented if the state had a red flag law, but that momentum has petered out as national pressure for gun restrictions has waned. ... Read more»

Red flag laws are saving lives — but they could save more

Red flag laws have become a popular tool to prevent mass shootings, suicides and deadly domestic violence, but many law enforcement officials and legislators say the public and even some police officers have so little knowledge of the tool that it isn’t used as often as it should be.... Read more»

Arizona domestic violence shelters filling up again as abusers return to work

Arizona has the fifth highest rate of domestic violence in the country, according to the World Population Review, and throughout the pandemic, domestic violence calls and fatalities in metro Phoenix continued to rise.... Read more»

'We had to keep going': After COVID setbacks, Arizona's Navajo police chief looks forward

Navajo Chief of Police Phillip Francisco - with a 200-member department that polices a rural Arizona area larger than West Virginia - hopes the federal government’s most recent COVID-19 relief bill will help pay for some of the department’s critical needs after the stresses of the pandemic.... Read more»

Pres. Biden gives victims of crime a boost

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a measure that replenishes funding for victims of crime in the United States so they can start fresh, receive mental health counseling and potentially gain a new lease on life for themselves or their family in the face of trauma. ... Read more»

Ducey signs '2nd Amendment sanctuary' bill

Gov. Ducey signed a bill Tuesday evening that makes Arizona a “2nd Amendment sanctuary” and bars law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal gun control measures, ignoring a last-minute plea from gun control groups urging him to veto it.... Read more»

House OKs ERA bill, Violence Against Women Act during Women’s History Month

With Women’s History Month as a backdrop, the House last week voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and remove the 1982 deadline for states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. But both bills still need approval from the evenly divided Senate, where they could face significant obstacles.... Read more»

Smithsonian exhibit adds prom dress calling attention to missing, murdered Indigenous women

The dress sits in the center of the fashion section of the "Girlhood" exhibit, highlighting the fact Native women are murdered at a rate 10 times higher than other ethnicities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.... Read more»

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