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City offices closed Friday for Cesar Chavez Day

Tucson city offices will be closed Friday in honor of civil rights and labor leader César Chávez. The city established the paid holiday in 2014.... Read more»

Civil rights icon Dolores Huerta says she wants to build a wall in Congress

Dolores Huerta is a woman of many facets. Political activist, union leader, mother and a civil and women’s rights icon. She is also one of the most underrated public figures in recent history.... Read more»

City offices closed to honor Cesar Chavez

Most city workers have the day off Monday, as Tucson marks its first municipal holiday honoring labor leader César Chávez. The holiday was unanimously approved by the City Council last year.... Read more»

City Council asks feds to close sanctuary case

The Tucson City Council voted Tuesday to ask the White House and Homeland Security to close the deportation case against Rosa Robles Loreto, who has been in sanctuary at a Tucson church for nearly 50 days. ... Read more»2

City Council approves Cesar Chavez holiday

The Tucson City Council approved giving municipal workers a paid holiday to honor labor leader César Chávez. Tuesday's unaminous vote means the birthday of the civil-rights leader will be added to Tucson's list of holidays starting next year, at a cost of about $500,000.... Read more»5

Dolores Huerta awarded Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama presented the United States' highest civilian honor to civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, musician Bob Dylan, novelist Toni Morrison and 10 other people at a White House ceremony on Tuesday.... Read more»

Activist Dolores Huerta to receive Medal of Freedom

Civil rights activist and United Farm Workers of America co-founder Dolores Huerta will receive the nation's highest civilian honor when she is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this spring.... Read more»1

Tucsonans celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

Saturday is César Chávez Day and Tucson will honor the late labor leader and activist with a march and celebration on the city's South Side.... Read more»

Political views also heard outside GOP debate

Political views weren't only being heard inside the Mesa Arts Center where Republican presidential hopefuls gathered to debate Wednesday night — they could be heard outside, as well.... Read more»

United Farm Workers co-founder Richard Chavez dies

Richard Chávez, who joined his brother César Chávez to help form the United Farm Workers and fought for the rights of migrants, died Wednesday afternoon from complications following a surgery in a Bakersfield, Calif., hospital. He was 81. (with videos)... Read more»

President declares March 31 Cesar Chavez Day

President Barack Obama declared March 31 to be Cesar Chavez Day, in honor of the crusading founder of the United Farm Workers.... Read more»

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One month after SB 1070, change seen in Arizona

Opinion: One month ago, Gov. Jan Brewer signed the draconian bill SB 1070 into law, legalizing racial profiling. In that month, Arizona changed.... Read more»8


Thousands march against Arizona immigration law

As many as 8,000 opponents of Arizona's new immigration law marched downtown to a May Day rally. The crowd stretched from curb to curb on Sixth Avenue, and was several blocks long as it moved toward hundreds of demonstrators already waiting in the park.... Read more»1