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Tucson to honor local Korean War casualty with ceremonial Veterans Day burial

Tucson native and casualty of the Korean War Glenn Collins will be buried in the South Lawn Cemetery in a Veterans Day ceremony on Thursday. Collins had gone accounted for in 1950 after the Battle at Chosin Reservoir, a disastrous battle for U.S. forces in the post-WWII Pacific conflict. ... Read more»

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FDA give full approval to Pfizer COVID vaccine; Local officials urge Tucsonans to get shots

The FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine Monday—an announcement that removes at least one barrier for those hesitant to get the shot as dozens of employers, including the city of Tucson, have moved forward with vaccine mandates.... Read more»

Pima County asks Tucson Water to limit chemicals in water pumped to Santa Cruz

Pima County has asked Tucson Water to treat new discharges into the Santa Cruz River for PFAS, a chemical linked to cancer risks, after the city utility announced plans to pump millions of gallons of water from the Tucson Airport Remediation Project.... Read more»

Ducey sends $2M to Tucson to restart water plant shut by military pollution

The state of Arizona will provide $2 million to help Tucson Water restart a treatment plant shut down because of severe groundwater contamination near the Tucson International Airport from PFAS firefighting foam used by the military.... Read more»

Arizona police got more than $6 million in military gear in the past year

Over the past year and into 2021, Police agencies in Arizona have received $6.8 million in military equipment through the Law Enforcement Support Office of the Department of Defense. ... Read more»

Air Trump: Cost of trips to campaign events still hard to pin down

Government watchdog groups say they have not been able to get a full accounting of the expenses related to the president’s use of Air Force One, despite years of trying.... Read more»

Records show Trump’s border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts

As the presidential election nears, a review of federal spending data found modifications to contracts have increased the price of the border wall by billions, costing about five times more per mile than it did under previous administrations.... Read more»

Trump admin rushed sweeping immigration policy, but sloppy mistakes could penalize military families

Trump’s new immigration policy applies more harshly to families of U.S. citizens in the military than to families of noncitizens in the military. Experts think it’s an error that suggests officials are pushing policies even they don’t fully understand.... Read more»

Critics attack Trump administration push to expedite uranium mining

Tribal members, environmentalists and lawmakers told a House panel Tuesday that including uranium on a list of “critical minerals” opens the door to expedited mining that will put tribal lands and national parks at risk.... Read more»

Pentagon shakeup means no Army photo-op for McSally, Sinema

Officials abruptly cancelled a planned press conference between Secretary of the Army Dr. Mark Esper, and Arizona Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally at a Tucson resort after the acting defense secretary suddenly resigned, and Esper was named the Pentagon's new acting chief. ... Read more»

Crossing a line: Military encounter at border sparks Trump threats

A border encounter between U.S. and Mexican soldiers earlier this month became a political issue Wednesday when President Donald Trump picked up the incident and threatened to send armed soldiers to the border in response. ... Read more»

Pentagon moves ahead on border wall, as House can’t override Trump veto

President Trump’s proposed border wall inched forward this week, as the Democrat-controlled House failed Tuesday to block the border emergency declaration that let the Pentagon approve $1 billion in wall work Monday.... Read more»

Another McSally ad lacked military disclaimer

GOP congressional candidate Martha McSally has pulled down a Spanish-language campaign ad after TucsonSentinel.com questioned why it lacked a disclaimer required by Defense Department regulations that cover election activity by retired members of the military. The ad was later reposted online with the disclaimer.... Read more»3

McSally campaign photo may fly in face of military regs

A photograph of Republican congressional candidate Martha McSally in military uniform, posted Thursday on Facebook and Twitter, appears to be a violation of a Defense Department directive. Members of the military — including retired officers such as McSally — are prohibited from using photographs of themselves in uniform as the "primary graphic representation in any campaign media."... Read more»2

Air Force's largest solar project planned for Davis-Monthan

Construction of the largest solar energy array in the U.S. Air Force will begin at the end of June on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The project is expected to save the base $500,000 per year in energy costs.... Read more»

Report: Az's smaller defense firms face sequester cuts

Smaller companies with contracts to supply products and services to Arizona’s top-tier aerospace and defense companies face the greatest threat if sequestration cuts take effect, according to a report released Tuesday.... Read more»

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