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Arizona Gov. Ducey vetoes 22 bills, says nothing will be signed until budget is approved

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is ratcheting up the pressure on GOP lawmakers to reach an agreement on the budget, vowing not to sign any other legislation that reaches his desk until he gets a budget, and backing up his threat by vetoing 22 bills.... Read more»

Experts ask death penalty states for scarce drugs that can treat CV-19 patients

Public health officials who use certain “execution drugs” to treat COVID-19 patients face competition from states that use those drugs to end lives rather than save them. ... Read more»

Arizona severs ties with prison operator over violent uprisings

Arizona will fire the private operator running a state prison after three major uprisings that caused extensive damage and forced more than 1,200 inmates to be relocated, Governor Doug Ducey said on Wednesday.... Read more»

No escaping medical copays, even in prison

Even going to prison doesn’t spare patients from having to pay medical copays. In response to the rapidly rising cost of providing health care, states — including Arizona — are increasingly authorizing the collection of fees from prisoners for medical services they receive while in state prisons or local jails.... Read more»1

Inmate from Tucson killed in prison

An inmate at the Lewis prison complex in Buckeye is dead, the victim of an apparent homicide, Department of Corrections officials said. Alexander Clark, who was convicted in Pima County in 2006 of burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, robbery and misconduct with weapons, was assaulted by other inmates Monday evening.... Read more»

Edward Harold Schad

Oldest death row inmate executed for 1978 murder of Bisbee man

An Arizona inmate was executed Wednesday morning for the 1978 murder of an elderly Bisbee man. Edward Harold Schad, 71, was the oldest inmate on the state's death row. He was given a lethal injection at 10:03 a.m. and pronounced dead nine minutes later.... Read more»1


Prison reform: Time to retire elderly inmates via early release?

Prison reform has never seemed very high on Arizona’s “to do” list, even though we’re spending $1 billlon annually for a “corrections” system that sees half of its released inmates return within six years. But saving money is always popular. So what if there were a way to reduce the state prison population at minimal threat to public safety?... Read more»

Inmates transferred, prison remains locked down after brawl

A Tucson prison unit remains locked down after a fight Sunday involved hundreds of prisoners. Eighty of the inmates have been moved to other prisons, a spokesman said.... Read more»

Tucson prison locked down after hundreds of inmates brawl

A fight involving hundreds of inmates has led to a lockdown Sunday of the Arizona State Prison in Tucson, a spokesman said.... Read more»

Az inmates paid $1.1 million in unemployment benefits

Over the past two years, 475 Arizona prisoners collected $1.1 million in unemployment benefits while sitting in their cells. The Department of Economic Security is seeking to recapture the funds.... Read more»