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Challenges to the Voting Rights Act are far from over

When the U.S. Supreme Court decided an important Arizona voting rights case earlier this year, its ruling made it more difficult for voters to challenge restrictive state voting laws - now, the state of Texas is attempting to hobble what remains of the Voting Rights Act. ... Read more»

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Russia-linked SolarWinds hackers still targeting global networks, Microsoft warns

Microsoft said it has observed new hacking activity from the Russia-backed group behind the massive cyberattacks that targeted SolarWinds software customers last year - this time going after technology service providers and “organizations integral to the global IT supply chain.”... Read more»

Az Secretary of State moves to count out-of-precinct ballots with new election manual

In the initial draft of the proposed Election Procedures Manual for the 2022 voting cycle, Arizona's secretary of state included a rule change that would require counties that use precinct-based polling places to count votes for any races that out-of-precinct voters are still eligible to vote in.... Read more»

Advocates blast Supreme Court decision upholding Arizona election laws

The Supreme Court Thursday rejected claims that Arizona’s ballot-harvesting and out-of-precinct election rules discriminate against minority voters, a ruling that one critic said “takes a sledgehammer” to equal voting protections. ... Read more»

Arizona voter-suppression laws survive U.S. Supreme Court appeal

Eight years after the Supreme Court struck down key elements of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it broke on party lines with a split 6-3 vote to uphold Arizona election laws said to be racially discriminatory and to weaken the voting power of minorities.... Read more»1

Arizona Democrats launch 2022 campaign earlier than ever

The Arizona Democratic Party says it’s 2022 campaign plans will outstrip the party’s record 2020 volunteer effort, which saw more than 34,000 volunteers contact voters more than 1.7 million times to support Joe Biden, Mark Kelly and other Democratic candidates.... Read more»

2 women charged with collecting 4 ballots under Arizona 'ballot harvesting' law

Two Yuma County women were indicted for turning in four ballots in the August primary as, for the first time, Arizona is prosecuting someone under a 2016 law banning collection of early ballots — a practice dubbed "ballot harvesting" by opponents.... Read more»

Arizonans share health care struggles in Democratic convention speeches

When Arizona native Kristin Urquiza wrote her dad’s obituary after his June 30 death from COVID-19, the Democratic National Convention was probably the furthest thing from her mind.... Read more»

Trump visits border for second time since June; Democrats blast visit

President Donald Trump was in Yuma Tuesday for the second time in as many months to inspect construction of the border wall that he said has “closed up the border,” reducing the flow of drugs and migrants.... Read more»

Hispanic Democrats identify Arizona as a battleground state in 2020 elections

Arizona was identified by Democrats Monday as one of six battleground states for this fall’s election, a status that state lawmakers said has been 10 years in the making.... Read more»

Trump to campaign in Yuma next week as Dems hold virtual convention

President Trump will travel to Arizona on Tuesday in a political appearance timed to draw attention away from the Democratic National Convention, which is being held virtually.... Read more»

Dems file lawsuit to let Az voters correct unsigned early ballots

Local and national Democratic Party organizations are suing Arizona election officials to block them from automatically throwing out early ballots that haven't been signed by voters.... Read more»

No pressing the flesh, but candidates learn to campaign under COVID-19

Candidates across Arizona and the nation have suspended rallies and in-person canvassing, and have their campaign staffers work from home because of the coronavirus. In addition to the challenge reaching voters, COVID-19 brings competition for financial donations and media attention.... Read more»

Ballot zombies: Early voters’ choices made moot by Democratic shakeup

The steady increase in early voting, combined with an unusually high number of Democrats jumping in and out of a crowded presidential primary, has created a situation where many Arizona voters will see their votes counted – but not count toward the final outcome. ... Read more»


Ducey budget is a better deal than GOP leadership plans

The State Capitol budget is on an election year fast track, and that’s OK. Republican legislators should pass Gov. Doug Ducey’s fiscal year 2021 budget recommendation as is, thus eliminating what has become a closed-door, drawn-out GOP budget process. Democratic legislators can protest with their votes against it.... Read more»

DNC sees Maricopa voters as key to making Arizona a 2020 battleground

Democratic National Committee officials said they plan to focus aggressively on Maricopa County voters as part of their efforts to swing Arizona, one of six battleground states where the party plans to invest millions in 2020.... Read more»

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