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Defensores judiciales instan mayor diversidad en la Corte de Arizona

Mientras los demócratas en el Senado de los EE. UU. presionan para que el juez Ketanji Brown Jackson sea confirmado en la Corte Suprema, los defensores judiciales están presionando activamente para lograr una mayor diversidad en los tribunales de Arizona.... Read more»

Sweet spot: Nona Lee’s role with Arizona Diamondbacks leads to more diversity, inclusion

Nona Lee, executive vice president and chief legal officer to Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall, leads a business and community initiative to improve organizational diversity while improving the lives of those who have been disadvantaged by any form of discrimination.... Read more»

Southern counties lose their white majorities, threatening GOP

Increasing urban diversity in Southern states is complicating Republican efforts to keep the reins of statehouse power and chip away at Democratic control of Congress - but there is no guarantee that growing Black, Hispanic and Asian populations will erode GOP power.... Read more»

Biden nominates first Native American to run National Park Service

Charles F. Sams III, who has worked in environmental preservation roles for more than 25 years, became the first Native American nominated to lead the Park Service, when announced by Pres. Biden on Wednesday, alongside four other picks for roles in various federal agencies.... Read more»

Every state in the U.S. grew more diverse, Census shows

Every state grew more diverse in the last decade, according to new Census data, with the largest increases in population growth came in the “some other race” category for most states, and the first time in American history that the white non-Hispanic population shrank.... Read more»

Obscure law denies Dreamers congressional jobs

A little-known law – specifically section 704 of Title VII of Division E of the federal budget –prohibits undocumented residents of the U.S. from holding a federal job, which includes paid internships and jobs on Capitol Hill, something the American Dream Employment Act seeks to change.... Read more»

Recreational marijuana sales race ahead, but industry equity falls behind

Sales of recreational marijuana are surging at Arizona retailers that, after selling medical marijuana for nearly a decade, now accommodate a crop of new customers the state estimates could push revenue to $1 billion in two years.... Read more»

Napier rejects Dems' claim of racist infiltration of police

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier pushed back against claims that white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement agencies, telling a House committee Tuesday that he has “simply not been exposed” to any evidence of that.... Read more»

Arizona law enforcement doesn’t reflect state’s diversity

Despite national calls for more diverse law enforcement agencies, very few, if any, Arizona police departments reflect the demographics of the communities they serve.... Read more»


Race and beyond: The surprises of a changing nation

I have been challenged lately to think in surprising ways about the nature of our country’s shifting diversity. Despite spending nearly all my working hours buried in studies and analyses of the racial and ethnic demographic trends sweeping the nation, I’m not a know-it-all on the subject. Still, it takes quite a jolt for a list of facts or figures to stun me. ... Read more»1

Public universities ramp up aid for the wealthy, leaving the poor behind

Public colleges and universities were generally founded and funded to give students in their states access to an affordable college education. They have long served as a vital pathway for students from modest means and those who are the first in their families to attend college. But many public universities, faced with their own financial shortfalls, are increasingly leaving low-income students behind.... Read more»

Study: White, black families self-segregate

A study by the American Sociological Review suggests that while diversity in American cities is growing, few black and white families are moving to ethnically mixed areas.... Read more»