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Rethinking what fair banking means

Fair lending advocates have long called for modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act - a law meant to correct the harm done by decades of discrimination in bank loans - and now, federal regulators are working on a significant update to CRA regulations.... Read more»

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CROWN Act banning discrimination against natural Black hair enacted by Tucson, Tempe

Versions of the CROWN Act, which bans discrimination against natural hair textures and styles and was first introduced and passed in California in 2019, have been adopted in more than 14 states and over 10 cities, including Tucson and Tempe last year. ... Read more»

As women return to jobs, remote work could lock in gains

The pandemic “shecession” is fading as more women return to jobs across the country, aided by new workplace flexibility that could lock in future increases in female employment.... Read more»

Federal government takes first step in addressing home value inequalities — much remains to be done

Despite changes recommended by the Biden administration Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity action plan to address home appraisal bias in predominantly Black neighborhoods, they say it can do only so much without other systemic fixes. ... Read more»


How race and religion have always played a role in who gets refuge in the U.S.

The treatment of Ukrainian versus Central American, African, Haitian and other asylum seekers has prompted criticism that U.S. refugee policy is racially and religiously discriminatory, favoring white, European, mostly Christian refugees over other groups.... Read more»

As nation sees wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation, many find solace in sports

2022 has seen a wave of legislation that the LGBTQ+ community believes is harmful - including Arizona's “Save Women’s Sports” bill - but despite the adversity, the LGBTQ+ community continues to rally around sports.... Read more»

Voters with disabilities face new ballot restrictions ahead of midterms

Around the country, new voting restrictions have complicated an already difficult process for 38 million disabled voters—a challenge as advocates navigate sudden shifts and measures undergo last-minute legislative changes during the primary season.... Read more»

New Arizona law shields religious foster, adoption agencies from discrimination lawsuits

Arizona faith-based adoption and foster care agencies who make decisions based on religious views are now free to do so without any threat of lawsuits thanks to a new law signed this week, and opponents say that could hurt foster kids across the state. ... Read more»

Ducey has final say on legislation to protect religious adoption, foster agencies from discrimination claims

Foster kids in Arizona overwhelmingly outnumber licensed foster families, and a bill on Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk could shrink their options even further by allowing agencies to deny applicants based on religious beliefs. ... Read more»

Texas quietly using redistricting lawsuits to launch a broader war against federal voting rights law

Beyond the legal fight over Texas redistricting maps, another war is being waged against the Voting Rights Act that could constrict voting rights protections nationwide - and some Supreme Court justices have indicated agreement with arguments in a recent Arizona case.... Read more»

DOJ warns Arizona it will sue to void new anti-trans laws

Just two days after Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law controversial bills targeting trans Arizonans, the U.S. Department of Justice sent a letter to all state attorneys general warning of legal action against laws that violate constitutional and federal non-discrimination protections.... Read more»

'Humanitarian parole' for Ukrainians highlights racial bias in U.S. immigration policy

Wile Ukrainians are allowed to cross the border within hours or days of arriving, asylum seekers from Central America, Mexico, Haiti and other countries have been waiting for months or even years for their chance to do so - raising questions of discrimination in border policy.... Read more»

Muslim men grilled by U.S. customs agents about their faith sue feds

Muslim United States citizens are suing the federal government - with claims including violations of the First and Fifth Amendments and of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act - and accusing CBP officials of religious discrimination, a practice they say goes back to at least 2011.... Read more»

Shelved Arizona bill banning LGBTQ discrimination, conversion therapy sparks debate

Advocates for LGBTQ rights and defenders of religious freedom faced off during a hearing over an Arizona bill not up for vote this session proposing to ban discrimination and conversion therapy. ... Read more»

Arizona Rep. Andrade un-endorses Hobbs, switches to Lopez

Rep. Richard Andrade has withdrawn his endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Katie Hobbs over her role in the firing of former Senate staffer Talonya Adams and is now backing Marco Lopez, one of her rivals in the primary elections. ... Read more»

Bill that would’ve forced Arizona teachers to out students modified

A GOP bill that would have forced teachers to out LGBTQ students was amended in the Senate Education Committee Tuesday to remove that language, but still faced criticism from Democratic lawmakers and the LGBTQ community.... Read more»

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