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Tucson moves to ban discrimination against renters based on income sources

Tucson's Housing Department is asking the public to read a draft ordinance and give feedback on a planned ban on refusing to rent or sell housing to anyone based on their source of income — such as housing vouchers or Social Security.... Read more»

Veteran benefits tangle leaves Supreme Court justices on a tightrope

A 45-year-old fight for disability benefits landed on the Supreme Court steps Tuesday as a veteran asked the justices to enforce a safety-valve provision to save what he says was a wrongly denied claim. ... Read more»

Education Department will forgive $5.8 billion in student loans for disabled borrowers

A troubled Education Department program left many disabled borrowers unable to escape crushing debt, and finally, a decade after ProPublica exposed the issue, the US has taken a major step to address the program’s defects. ... Read more»

'504 plan' disability protection favors students at Arizona’s wealthier, whiter schools

Federal civil rights protection currently exist that are designed to give students with disabilities who don’t qualify for special education but have conditions that still interfere with learning equal access to public education, but getting the plans in Arizona isn’t always easy or equitable.... Read more»

Education Dep't adopts crucial reform for disabled borrowers

The Education Department enacted a crucial reform on behalf of borrowers who become disabled, issuing new rules earlier this month that make it easier for these borrowers to get their federal student loans forgiven.... Read more»

Thousands of Az veterans face backlog on VA disability claims

The Veterans Affairs' Phoenix Regional Office has a backlog of more than 17,000 disability compensation claims that have been pending for longer than 125 days. Claims have risen in the county by 50 percent since 2008, and many regional offices are having trouble keeping up with the volume of new cases.... Read more»

Barber holding Social Security disability forum

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber will speak at a Bisbee public forum on Social Security disability on Wednesday afternoon.... Read more»1

Injured war contractors sue over health care

Private contractors injured while working for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan filed a class action lawsuit in federal court on Monday, claiming that corporations and insurance companies had unfairly denied them medical treatment and disability payments.... Read more»

Handi-Dogs helps pets be more than best friends

People in need of a service animal can train their own dog with the help of a Tucson nonprofit. Handi-Dogs allows those in need to transform their best friend into a certified service dog.... Read more»3

Swede's metal music habit declared an addiction

In Sweden, a headbanger has succeeded in having his heavy metal music obsession declared an addiction that requires state disability benefits. (with video)... Read more»

Raising Social Security retirement age would impact disability costs

While policymakers debate how to keep Social Security solvent over the long-term, a Government Accountability Office report says there could be unintended consequences by raising the earliest eligible retirement age.... Read more»