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A gift horse indeed: Equestrian vaulting opens doors for Arizona children with disabilities

Salt River Vaulters, an Arizona non-profit that makes it possible for children or adults with disabilities to participate in equine therapy and therapeutic vaulting, allows participants to grow physically and mentally and helps increase communication skills.... Read more»

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3 ways teachers can help special-ed students of color do better

When compared to white students with disabilities, students of color with disabilities are more likely to be placed in separate classrooms, and this may lead to lower educational outcomes for students of color in special education.... Read more»

Narrowing of state, U.S. gender wage gaps slow; may widen post-pandemic

The wage gap that had been narrowing between men and women stalled in 2019, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, and advocates fear the situation will only get worse when pandemic-era data is released. ... Read more»

Pandemic medical innovations leave people with disabilities behind

Telemedicine, teleworking, rapid tests, virtual school, and vaccine drive-thrus have become part of Americans’ routines as they enter Year 3 of life amid COVID-19. But as innovators have raced to make living in a pandemic world safer, some people with disabilities have been left behind.... Read more»

Madres de niños afroamericanos con autismo ofrecen apoyo y orientación a otras familias

La Conferencia Afroamericana sobre Discapacidad, organizada por el Centro de Arizona para la Ley de Discapacidad y el Centro de Arizona para Recursos Afroamericanos, ofreció orientación a las familias de color sobre cómo obtener el apoyo y los servicios que necesitan.... Read more»

La alta demanda de perros de servicio crea un mercado salvaje y a veces fraudulento

La demanda de perros de servicio se ha disparado, pero esta demanda ha abrumado a los entrenadores sin fines de lucro y ayudó a lanzar una industria de perros de servicio con fines de lucro con etiquetas de precios elevados.... Read more»

Demand for service dogs unleashes a 'Wild West' market

Demand for service dogs has exploded as they have proved adept at helping children and adults with an increasing range of disabilities, but this demand has overwhelmed nonprofit trainers and unmet needs have helped launch a for-profit service dog industry with hefty price tags.... Read more»

Mothers of children who are Black and autistic help other families find their voices

The African American Conference on Disability - hosted by the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Arizona Center for African American Resources - provided a forum to share experiences and offer guidance to families of color about getting the support and services they need.... Read more»

Never forget: Arizona Jewish Historical Society keeps memory of Holocaust victims alive

Thursday marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day – 77 years since Allied forces liberated the emaciated survivors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, but for the Arizona Jewish Historical Society, every day is a day to remember the Holocaust.... Read more»

From bingo to bocce: Unified Sports, Special Olympics step up for people with intellectual disabilities

Unified Sports, a program established through Special Olympics, puts people with intellectual disabilities and those without on teams together to promote social inclusion and mutual respect - progress was halted a year ago by the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

More Americans can use food stamps for restaurants, prepared meals

In the past two years, six states, Including Arizona, have opted in to the little-used federal Restaurant Meals Program that allows older adults, people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness to use their food benefits on select, low-cost restaurant meals.... Read more»

Niños con discapacidades enfrentan retos especiales por covid al regresar a la escuela

El regreso a la escuela plantea problemas de salud para muchos de niños y adultos jóvenes que corren un riesgo de episodios de COVID-19, y las escuelas deben estar más atentas al uso de máscaras, la higiene de las manos y el distanciamiento social con aquellos alumnos.... Read more»

Remote learning has been a disaster for many students, but some kids have thrived

Remote learning has been a struggle and is expected to set back the learning gains of a generation of students - particularly children of color, kids from financially insecure families, and others - but a small number of students have done unexpectedly well.... Read more»

En una casa de Arizona, dos hermanos con discapacidad tuvieron experiencias pandémicas opuestas

La pandemia ha sido un desafío mayor para los padres de niños con discapacidad, pero la disparidad es más grande aún para los estudiantes de color - pero al mismo tiempo, la pandemia ha empoderado a las familias que habían sido privadas de sus derechos.... Read more»

In one Arizona home, two brothers with disabilities had opposite pandemic experiences

The pandemic has been a big challenge for many parents of children with disabilities, and the disparity is even greater for students of color - but at the same time, the pandemic has empowered some families who have been traditionally marginalized.... Read more»

Arizonans with disabilities get COVID vaccinations, thanks to group effort

More than 1,600 people got their first COVID-19 vaccinations at a recent event targeting an especially vulnerable population – people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and second doses are scheduled for this weekend under a partnership between the state and groups including Ability360 and The Arc, which serve people with disabilities, their families and caregivers.... Read more»

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