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$100 million on table from Tucson-based venture capital funds

Within the past year, three investment funds have sprung up in metro Tucson to offer a total of about $100 million to local entrepreneurs with marketable ideas. And that has the economic development community salivating over the prospects of more jobs.... Read more»3

What the Devil won't tell you

Open space bonds: An unnecessary good

Answering the question, "Are the open space bonds necessary?," requires a bit of storytelling about a bygone era. For all the complaining done about local government in Pima County, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan was the high-water mark for community-based compromise that led to a policy that works for parties traditionally at each other's jugulars.... Read more»2

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: How would guns on campus affect UA?

Today on Buckmaster — University of Arizona President Gene Sander, the TREO CEO Interview Series with Bill Kelley of Diamond Ventures, and Buckmaster legal contributor Don Loose.... Read more»