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Jose Cárdena’s special altar this year is dedicated to the Uvalde, Texas, schoolchildren who were slaughtered in a school shooting in May.

Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries in different ways, but with a common purpose – to celebrate those who have passed away. Read more»

La Procesión de Todas las Almas en Tucson vuelve por su año número 33.

Se espera que decenas de miles de personas se reúnan en el lado oeste de la ciudad este fin de semana para participar en una querida tradición de Tucson: la Procesión de Todas las Almas. Read more»

Tucson's All Souls Procession is back for its 33rd year.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to converge on the West Side of town this weekend to take part in a beloved Tucson tradition — the annual All Souls Procession. Read more»

While science is only now starting to pinpoint the salubrious effects of flowers like marigolds, practitioners of traditional medicine in Mexico have long used the bright orange blooms to treat stomach conditions.

Known as the flower of the sun, the marigold is used to guide the souls of the deceased to the altars arranged by their loved ones on the Day of the Dead, but Mexican scientists have found that the flower has life-giving properties for those of us on this side of the grave. Read more»

El Cementerio Bravo León mira hacia el oeste y al atardecer el horizonte tiene un tono púrpura cálido y naranja rojizo que brilla sobre las sombras de las montañas de Santa Catalina.

Las families del Cementerio Bravo Leon logran salvar acceso a su panteón histórico en Vail después que la Junta de Supervisores del Condado Pima votó para pavimentar la pista solitaria a donde enterraron a sus seres queridos y parientes. Read more»

The Bravo Leon Cemetery looks west and at sunset the horizon has a warm purple and reddish-orange hue that glows over the shadows of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The last access road to Bravo Leon Cemetery in Vail, the burial place of Mexican pioneers and generations of their descendants, will remain open to the public and be improved, after Pima County supervisors voted to maintain it. Read more» 1

"On Los Días de los Muertos, it’s customary to build a makeshift altar as an act of honor and remembrance. Let these words be my altar." Read more»

A stilt-walker stands near a fire at the end of the All Souls Procession.

Tens of thousands of Tucsonans filled the streets Downtown on Sunday night to mark the annual All Souls Procession, remembering loved ones who have died. Read more»

Tens of thousands of Tucsonans filled the streets Downtown on Sunday night to mark the annual All Souls Procession, remembering loved ones who have died. Read more»

Shortly after the Jan. 8th shootings, I lamented that "Tucson" would become a synonym for a tragedy, since the city hadn't distinguished itself in any other notable way. But this weekend brings a screening of an extraordinary film that not only celebrates the best of Tucson, but nails its essence for anyone who's never had the good fortune to visit here. Read more»