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Early data shows African Americans disproportionately affected by coronavirus

Environmental, economic and political factors have compounded for generations, putting black people at higher risk of chronic conditions that leave lungs weak and immune systems vulnerable: asthma, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. These conditions make the coronavirus more dangerous than it already is.... Read more»

Comic: Politics (and budgets)

A man, a plan, an SUV, the Oval Office

Coming into the final days before the election, Mitt Romney has tightened the race up, but is still looking for that silver bullet that will give him the win.... Read more»

'Underwear bomber' pleads guilty

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian man with the unfortunate nickname, "the underwear bomber," pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges including conspiracy to commit terrorism and attempted murder.... Read more»


Terrorism: Who you gonna call?

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was "locked down" after reports a gunman was on the loose. Six hours later, "No gunman or weapon was found."... Read more»

3 die in air show accidents in U.S., U.K.

In the latest in a quick succession of air show tragedies in the United States and United Kingdom, a wing walker at an air show near Detroit fell to his death Sunday. (with video)... Read more»

Education reform

Nation's wealthiest learn making the grade is tough work

Philanthropists spend $4.4 billion over 10 years to improve schools, but are humbled by setbacks and the need for new approaches. Has this big money made the big impact that they — as well as teachers, administrators, parents and students — hoped for?... Read more»

Mexican activists demand voice at climate conference

Coming from all over the world, activists are demanding a greater voice in solving a problem they believe is of the utmost importance - climate change.... Read more»

Top 10 loser bombers who failed in spectacular fashion

Our list of the top-10 "loser bombers" – well, nine of them would-be bombers whose equipment, strategy, conviction or brains failed them when it mattered most, and one (very) amateur Kamikaze pilot.... Read more»

The return of Detroit?

Detroit is an easy target for anyone looking to skewer the city as some kind of Motown-meets-Mogadishu. The story is, of course, an old one. So it was encouraging to hear the news out of "The D" this week.... Read more»

'Undercover Muslim'

Author goes undercover to study radical Islam

Theo Padnos now admits that he was indeed a "fake" Muslim who converted to Islam at a mosque in Yemen, in front of witnesses.... Read more»


Fordzilla vs. Japan: U.S. automaker stomping all over Toyota

Take that, Japan. I'm referring to this week's two most fascinating pieces of global economic news: Ford's profits rebirth and the recall disaster at Toyota (and, to a much lesser extent, Honda, which also announced a recall this week). ... Read more»