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The Tucson agenda

Amphi deals with deseg issues, iPads coming to TUSD students

The Amphi Governing Board will take up its decades-old deseg troubles when it meets Tuesday. Over in TUSD, studetns will get iPads when district SKILLfully launches with the new school year. ... Read more»

Corte libera a TUSD de la supervisión de la desagregación, el fin de un pleito de casi 50 años

Casi 50 años después de que comenzara un pleito por abolición de la segregación, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tucson fue liberado de la supervisión después de cumplir las órdenes judiciales durante una batalla legal de décadas, falló un juez esta semana.... Read more»

Court releases TUSD from desegregation oversight, nearly 50-year-old lawsuit ends

Nearly 50 years after a desegregation lawsuit began, the Tucson Unified School District has been released from oversight after successfully following court orders during a decades-long legal battle, a federal judge ruled this week.... Read more»


U.S. schools are not racially integrated, despite decades of effort

Nearly seven decades after the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954, the court’s declared goal of integrated education is still not yet achieved.... Read more»

Southern counties lose their white majorities, threatening GOP

Increasing urban diversity in Southern states is complicating Republican efforts to keep the reins of statehouse power and chip away at Democratic control of Congress - but there is no guarantee that growing Black, Hispanic and Asian populations will erode GOP power.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Foster: Stegeman's commentary offered all the TUSD drama but only half the story

"The apocalyptic financial forecast posited by my former TUSD Board colleague Mark Stegeman is convoluted at best, and don’t forget, very calculated in time for your three votes on the ballot for TUSD." — TUSD Board President Kristel Foster... Read more»6

Guest opinion

Stegeman: TUSD must reckon with cash problems

"TUSD has cash problems. Unsustainable operating deficits are driving it relentlessly toward a fiscal reckoning. Reports from TUSD’s internal auditor show that longstanding weaknesses in internal controls remain widespread. The Governing Board should embrace its statutory responsibility to address these issues." — former school board member Mark Stegeman... Read more»3

What the Devil won't tell you

Legislature & Ducey's cartoonish scheme to hike TUSD taxes tossed over cliff by judge

Told ya so: Demonstrating the acme of futility, the Legislature discovered again that it has no Wonder Twin powers to make the Arizona Constitution disappear. Slamming bills into law without public comment doesn't help.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Prezelski: Why is Clodfelter giving platform for Phx political hack to discuss TUSD?

Tom Prezelski: 'In the last few days, state Rep. Todd Clodfelter announced a 'desegregation town hall.' While having an open public forum to discuss this issue is something this community needs, it is pretty clear that this is not what the event is going to be about."... Read more»

Gov't neglect leads to school deseg shortfalls

The federal government’s vigilance in enforcing the court-backed desegregation of the country’s schools is a shadow of what it once was. ... Read more»

Tucson Unified School District

Disagreements remain as special master files TUSD deseg plan

Despite months of court-ordered negotiations led by a special master, there remains much contention over Tucson Unified School District's desegregation programs. Parties to lawsuits first filed in 1974 and the district filed their objections to a "Unitary Status Plan" also filed Friday. (complete documents)... Read more»

Court orders new oversight of TUSD deseg efforts

A federal appeals court Tuesday said a lower court should not have lifted a decades-long desegregation order against TUSD. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said a federal judge was wrong to grant the school district "unitary" -- non-segregated -- status in 2009.... Read more»1

Horne: TUSD ethnic studies illegal

On his final day in office, Arizona schools chief Tom Horne said Tucson Unified School District's must end its Mexican-American studies program. which he said violates a new state law. TUSD's new superintendent, John Pedicone, said Monday that the district is "passionate about the program," which serves 1200 students.... Read more»1