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Judge orders Biden administration to send Central American migrants to Mexico rather than their home countries

A federal judge in Louisiana on Wednesday temporarily blocked the Biden administration from increasing the number of deportations of some Central Americans back to their home countries and ordered the administration to instead send them to Mexico.... Read more»

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Números fronterizos son más alto en 20 años, mientras llega el fin del Título 42

Los funcionarios fronterizos detuvieron a la mayor cantidad de migrantes en la frontera sur en al menos 22 años el mes pasado, lo que presenta un nuevo desafío para el plan para poner fin a la aplicación del Título 42 dentro de unas semanas.... Read more»

Border numbers hit highest level in 20 years, as end of Title 42 looms

Border officials apprehended the most migrants at the southern border in at least 22 years last month, presenting a new challenge for the Biden administration’s plan to end enforcement of Title 42 just weeks from now. ... Read more»

Critics doubt Biden administration ready for fallout from ending Title 42

For immigration advocates, the end to Title 42 - implemented in March 2020 as a public health measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 - couldn’t come soon enough, but critics warned that it’s coming too soon and will “open the floodgates” to migrants at the southern border. ... Read more»

Judge blocks Biden policy narrowing focus of deportations

The states of Arizona, Montana and Ohio won a preliminary injunction on Tuesday enjoining a Biden administration immigration policy that narrows the Department of Homeland Security's deportation focus to immigrants deemed to be dangerous. ... Read more»

Informe: Pequeña fracción de las solicitudes de DACA enviadas a ICE

De más de 3 millones de solicitudes de DACA desde 2012, alrededor de 900 fueron remitidas al Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas, todavía demasiadas para los defensores que dijeron que se les prometió que no se compartiría información con las agencias de control. ... Read more»

Internal investigation confirms Border Patrol failures leading up to 16-year-old’s death on cell floor

A government investigation into the 2019 death of a Guatemalan teenager in Border Patrol custody has found serious problems with the agency’s handling of sick detainees and broader problems with care in a detainee system that at the time was overwhelmed with migrants.... Read more»

Tiny fraction of DACA applications sent to ICE; still gives advocates pause

Of more than 3 million DACA applications since 2012, about 900 were referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement – still too many for advocates who said they were promised no information would be shared with enforcement agencies. ... Read more»

Immigrant detainees fighting for bond hearings face uphill high court battle

The government’s indefinite detention of immigrants waiting for deportation divided the Supreme Court during Tuesday’s argument session as the justices squabbled over how to apply their precedents to the case without creating chaos for the lower courts. ... Read more»

50% more migrants in detention centers under Biden

When President Joe Biden came into office, he began to roll back the Trump administration’s immigration policies, including the 2017 memo that authorities arrest every undocumented person they find - but advocates say that hasn’t been the reality since Biden was inaugurated.... Read more»

In lieu of path to citizenship, advocates cheer immigration reforms in spending bill

While a pathway to citizenship was nixed in the most recent version of the Build Back Better Act, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and immigration advocates still welcome the protections from deportation expected to impact about 6.5 million undocumented immigrants. ... Read more»

Undocumented students graduating from college are forming alumni support groups

To help pad the landing for graduates without citizenship, Yadira Hernandez founded the Undocumented Student Association of UCLA so that graduates could support each other, share tips for survival and develop clear pathways for those students who come next. ... Read more»

Haitian migrants at the border: An asylum law scholar explains how US skirts its legal and moral duties

The Conversation asked Karen Musalo, an expert on refugee law and policy, to unpack what went on at the U.S. border and whether the Biden administration is shirking its moral and legal obligations in deporting the Haitian migrants.... Read more»

Fifth Circuit halts order for Biden to step up deportations

A federal judge erred in blocking the Biden administration’s policies guiding which undocumented immigrants it is prioritizing to arrest for deportations, a Fifth Circuit panel ruled - one month after a different panel declined to stay another order for the restart of Trump's MPP.... Read more»

Supreme Court refuses to block reinstatement of 'Remain in Mexico' program

In a 6-3 order, the Supreme Court’s conservative judges declined Tuesday night to stay a federal judge’s order requiring the Biden administration to reinstate a Trump-era immigration program that sent more than 60,000 asylum applicants back to Mexico. ... Read more»

Dreamers fear deportation while being essential workers

About 1 million Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients are considered essential workers, and losing DACA status has become a big concern for those working jobs on the front line - from doctors to maintenance workers - during the pandemic.... Read more»

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