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In echo of notorious safety scandal, Toyota settled hundreds of sudden-acceleration cases

Without admitting liability, Toyota since 2014 has settled 537 claims blaming sudden acceleration for crashes that killed or seriously injured people, according to a court document Toyota filed last month. ... Read more»

A CO2 sponge: Arizona scientist working to combat rising carbon dioxide levels

ASU researchers have developed a technology that scrubs the air of carbon dioxide. Now they need the funding to make it bigger.... Read more»

Tucson MVDs open earlier to reduce long waits

The Arizona Department of Transportation has started to open its three Tucson Motor Vehicle Division offices half an hour early in an effort to reduce long wait times. ... Read more»

Texting ban reaches dead end; booster seat bill advances

The latest attempt to ban texting while driving in Arizona has reached a dead end at the Legislature.... Read more»

Bill could put end to some specialty license plates

A House panel endorsed a bill Thursday that would put the brakes on many of the special license plates that allow Arizonans to display support for various causes.... Read more»

NTSB boosts support for texting-while-driving ban

Bills to restrict distracted driving, ranging from attempts to outlaw texting to banning cellphone use entirely, have failed repeatedly at the Arizona State Legislature in recent years.... Read more»

Pilot program has seen little cross-border trucking

Five months after the U.S. and Mexico ended a stalemate on long-haul international trucking, the agreement has led to a handful of cross-border deliveries — all by the same truck.... Read more»

License plates celebrate Az's centennial

With a colorful specialty license plate, organizers of the state’s centennial celebration want Arizonans to show their pride one bumper at a time.... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson is business-friendly, Walkup says

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup joins today's discussion.... Read more»1

Congress agrees to deal to end FAA impasse

After a 13-day partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, Congressional leaders came to an agreement that will end the impasse over a temporary funding bill and keep the agency running through Sept. 16. ... Read more»


Stimulus opponents sought money out of public view

Those asking for money include Arizona's John McCain, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana. Also, Tea Party favorites like Sen. Scott Brown and Rep. Michele Bachmann.... Read more»