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After billions of dollars and dozens of wartime declarations, why are vaccines still in short supply?

Manufacturing constraints and raw material output are among the reason that, despite President Joe Biden remarks that the nation is “now on track to have enough supply for 300 million Americans by the end of July,” Pfizer and Moderna will miss their targets of providing at least 100 million doses each by the end of March, let alone 200 million more doses each has promised by July.... Read more»

Angry patients charged for telemedicine after being promised waived costs

Policymakers and insurers across the country say they are eliminating copayments, deductibles and other barriers to telemedicine for patients confined at home who need a doctor for any reason. But in a fragmented health system, the shift to cost-free telemedicine for patients is going far less smoothly than the speeches and press releases suggest. In some cases, doctors are billing for telephone calls that used to be free.... Read more»

Closing loopholes or slamming doors? Advocates blast SNAP changes

Advocates told a House subcommittee Thursday that a Trump administration plan to “close loopholes” in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would actually slam the door on millions of recipients, including as many as 72,000 in Arizona. ... Read more»

Feeling political heat, some 'navigators' are declining funds to help with health care rollout

Republicans say scrutiny enhances consumer protections; Obama administration claims intimidation.... Read more»

Group’s 'Obamacare Tax Form' evades facts

A conservative group misleads taxpayers on the Affordable Care Act and the Internal Revenue Service’s future role in enforcing it. Americans for Tax Reform posted a "projected" IRS tax form on its website that claims to "help families and tax specialists prepare" for new tax provisions under the health care law. But ATR makes several false claims:... Read more»

Hacking, theft up with digital medical records

As more doctors and hospitals go digital with medical records, the size and frequency of data breaches are alarming privacy advocates and public health officials. ... Read more»

Senate bill could roll back health insurance savings

An insurer-supported Senate bill aims to roll back the requirements for consumer rebates from health insurance companies.... Read more»

Health care rules unveiled by HHS, yet insurers' stocks rise

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius unveiled regulations requiring insurers to spend 80 to 85 percent of premiums collected on medical care ... Read more»

GOP takes hard line on health-care overhaul, look for Democratic allies

Republicans aren't softening their tough criticism of the health law even as they seek Democratic allies to join them in their bid to repeal the overhaul. ... Read more»

Election 2010

Health law's fate in balance as GOP seems poised for gains

Expected Republican wins in Congress and in statehouses throughout the country Tuesday would likely slow down implementation of the new health law and make the debate even more contentious.... Read more»

Health care reform

Seven health care changes you might have missed

You've probably heard about some of the changes in that the new health overhaul law this year. But several lesser-known provisions also take effect in coming months that could have a lasting impact on the nation's health care system. ... Read more»