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Soldado Búfalo asciende a general: el primer coronel negro comandó Ft. Huachuca en 1917

El Ejército de EE.UU. ascendió al Col. Young, el legendario oficial negro de los Soldados Búfalo, un siglo después de su muerte. Luchó contra Pancho Villa y comandandó Ft. Huachuca en 1917. ... Read more»

Buffalo Soldier finally promoted to general: Army's first Black colonel commanded Ft. Huachuca a century ago

The U.S. Army's first Black colonel, Charles Young, died a century ago after serving as the commander of Ft. Huachuca, but was just recognized with a promotion to brigadier general.... Read more»

Enviros' lawsuit over Trump's border wall funding moves headed toward settlement

A lawsuit alleging that the Trump administration unlawfully siphoned $3.6 billion in construction funds from the Defense Department to fund border wall projects along the U.S.-Mexico border is heading toward a settlement following an order from the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Read more»

Public Integrity sues for South Dakota National Guard border deployment records

The Center for Public Integrity filed a lawsuit against the Defense Department and South Dakota National Guard seeking public release of records related to a decision by Gov. Kristi Noem to deploy the Guard to the Texas-Mexico border that raised issues about private funding of military actions and use of the military for political purposes.... Read more»

Raytheon requiring employees to get COVID-19 shots

Raytheon employees will need to get their COVID-19 vaccinations soon if they haven't already — or face losing their jobs under a policy announced Wednesday by the defense contracting giant.... Read more»

6 questions officials still haven’t answered after weeks of hearings on the Capitol attack

More than 15 hours of testimony failed to answer fundamental questions about the Capitol attack. Among them: Why national security officials responded differently to BLM protesters than to Trump supporters. ... Read more»

SolarWinds gov't hack hit Pima County servers

Secret "backdoors" that allowed hackers to spy on supposedly secure computer networks not only targeted U.S. government agencies and major corporations, but hit smaller targets such as Pima County networks.... Read more»

Legal challenges to border wall continue – and so does construction

Conservationists expressed anger over the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear an appeal to stop construction of the border wall. But they’re moving ahead while monitoring construction as it chews through land marked by towering saguaros and habitat of the endangered jaguar.... Read more»

Army calling on retired docs, medics to return to fight coronavirus

BREAKING: Retired soldiers with medical experience are being asked to volunteer to return to duty because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with emails suggesting they "re-join the team" being sent directly to former military members.... Read more»

Feds award contracts for 65 new miles of border fencing in South Texas

The cost of the new fencing will range between $385 million and $800 million. Construction is set to begin in early 2020.... Read more»

Congress again voids Trump’s border emergency declaration; veto likely

Arizona lawmakers split on party lines this week as Congress voted again to terminate President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border, which he has cited to justify use of Pentagon funds for border construction.... Read more»

Supreme Court allows Trump administration to shift Pentagon funds to border wall

In a 5-4 decision issued Friday, the Supreme Court dismissed a lower court's move to block the Trump administration from using $2.5 billion siphoned from Defense Department funding to build border barriers in Arizona, California and New Mexico.... Read more»