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Credit crunch: Complaints about Arizona credit reports jumped in 2021, feds say

Arizonans went from filing 6,600 complaints with the CFPB in 2020 to filing nearly 8,000 the next year - almost half were complaints about what consumers called incorrect information on their credit reports and unsatisfactory responses by the credit reporting companies. ... Read more»

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How Congress will attempt the biggest expansion of U.S. social programs since FDR

The Senate passed a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill and an even larger budget blueprint that would pave the way for historic changes in the U.S., but getting the packages to President Biden’s desk will still require balancing competing factions among congressional Democrats.... Read more»

8 ways to teach kids to manage money as coronavirus keeps families at home

With Arizona schools closed indefinitely, children have plenty of time on their hands – and parents are looking for teachable moments. One subject that’s not taught in most schools is money and how to earn it, spend it, share it and save it.... Read more»

Critics warn that quick holiday cash could lead to spiraling debt

The commercials and online ads for auto title loans make them appear especially enticing during the holiday season when many families need extra cash, but the high interest rates are pushing many into deeper debt.... Read more»1

Here's what else is happening in the Americas besides the World Cup

Believe it or not, there are things going on in South America right now that have nothing to do with Brazil's soccer mega-event.... Read more»


The United States’ long-term debt problem isn’t as bad as you thought

In recent years we have been repeatedly warned that the federal government is on track to accumulate an unsustainable amount of debt over the next several decades. This debt, we’ve been told, will eventually crush our economy unless we drastically cut entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. But our long-term fiscal challenges are far less frightening than we have been led to believe.... Read more»


How thoughtful

When it comes to debt, count on politicians to "think of the children."... Read more»

McConnell fudges fiscal facts, too

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell twisted some fiscal facts in his appearances on the Sunday talk show circuit.... Read more»


Facts stretched in election homestretch

In the homestretch to Election Day, both sides stretch the facts in their TV spots. President Obama greatly exaggerates his differences with Mitt Romney over troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, while Romney repeats a false claim that the president plans a $4,000 tax increase on “the middle class.” ... Read more»


Obama ad spins Romney's debt

An ad from the Obama campaign claims Massachusetts ranked No. 1 in state debt per person when Mitt Romney was governor. It's true, but there's less there than meets the eye. ... Read more»


Dueling debt deceptions

Factcheck: How much has the federal debt gone up under Obama? During his first three years in office, it rose $4.7 trillion, an increase of 45 percent. Partisan graphics circulating via email and Facebook are both incorrect.... Read more»

Dow Jones, S&P have worst Thanksgiving week since '42

The Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 index had their worst Thanksgiving week since the markets began observing the holiday in 1942, with the Dow losing 4.8 percent and the S&P slumping 4.7 percent.... Read more»


Occupy Wall Street

Demonstrators continue to 'occupy Wall Street' to protest government coddling of financial institutions and seeming inability to get the economy back on track.... Read more»

Az Tea Party supporters connect to GOP debate in Fla.

As the presidential hopefuls took part in the CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa, Fla., roughly 175 Arizona voters sat in front of CNN cameras as a satellite audience.... Read more»

Super Congress chairmen hold 'career patrons'

The Super Congress opens for business Thursday with a mandate to identify $1.5 trillion in spending cuts before Thanksgiving. The process is fraught with politics, because every committee member is the creature of the wider political interests that have shaped them with advice—and campaign contributions. ... Read more»

Factcheck: Biden bungles talking point on debt

Joe Biden mistakenly claimed Americans own 85 percent of U.S. Treasury securities during his visit to China. Americans own 54 percent of the U.S. public debt — that is, the amount of debt held by the public. They own 69 percent of the total debt, which includes money the U.S. government owes itself.... Read more»

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