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Growing calls for FDA to speed approval of quick, at-home coronavirus tests

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is under fire for setting what critics say are near-impossible standards for quick, at-home Covid-19 tests that could provide a breakthrough in stemming the spread of the virus.... Read more»

Arizona in COVID-19 'red zone' with 17 other states, internal White House report says

More than a dozen states, including Arizona, should revert to more stringent protective measures, limiting gatherings to 10 people, closing bars and gyms and asking residents to wear masks at all times, according to a new White House report that was not publicized.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Why is Gov. Ducey scapegoating Latinos for the COVID-19 crisis?

In the midst of President Trump's visit to Arizona, Gov. Ducey blamed the sharp increase in COVID-19 cases not on himself, not on a lack of testing or adequate state and federal resources, but in part on Mexican-Americans.... Read more»

Trump misrepresents Google coronavirus website

President Donald Trump and other officials misleadingly suggested that tech behemoth Google was working on a screening website that large numbers of Americans could soon use to see if they should be tested for the new coronavirus. The website, however, is actually a project of Google’s sister company Verily and is initially limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.... Read more»

No containment but still no curfew as coronavirus sweeps America

While conceding that America’s COVID-19 outbreak is not under control, President Donald Trump maintained Monday that there is no plan to issue a nationwide curfew.... Read more»