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Court orders new hearing for Arizona death-row inmate in Bullhead City murders

An appeals court Monday ordered a new hearing for an Arizona death-row inmate, saying his attorney did not fully investigate the history of abuse and mental health issues that could have been used in his defense at sentencing.... Read more»

Arizona plans to use gas chamber again, sparking revulsion, disbelief

Reports that Arizona is preparing to execute death row inmates with gas similar to what was used in the Holocaust have brought responses ranging from “concerned” to “horrified,” but the most common reaction was disbelief. ... Read more»

Supreme Court to consider if two Arizona death-row inmates get new hearings

The U.S. Supreme Court said it will consider whether two Arizona death-row inmates should get new hearings based on claims that attorneys who represented them decades ago failed to present evidence that could have spared them. ... Read more»

Despite Arizona's push to schedule executions, attorneys plan to continue fight

While Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is pushing to schedule executions for two death-row inmates who he said have exhausted their appeals, advocates for the men said they still intend to fight.... Read more»

Court rejects death-row inmate’s appeal in 1991 Tucson rapes, murder

A federal appeals court upheld the convictions of an Arizona death-row inmate for the rapes of three Tucson women, one of whom was murdered, over the course of several weeks in 1991. ... Read more»

Court rejects death-row inmate’s claims in Phx double murder

A federal appeals court Friday rejected an Arizona death-row inmate’s claim that he had an ineffective attorney at his trial and sentencing in the 1987 stabbing of a elderly Phoenix couple.... Read more»

Court upholds conviction, death sentence in 1986 Mohave County murder

A federal appeals court denied claims by a death-row inmate Wednesday that evidence was doctored and suppressed in his trial for the 1986 kidnapping, robbery and murder of an elderly Las Vegas man near Kingman.... Read more»

Report: Az in middle of states for exonerations in criminal cases

The release of a Tucson man in a decades-old arson-murder case made headlines this week, but a new national report shows Arizona is in the middle of the pack when it comes to exonerating prisoners.... Read more»

Az could tie execution record in 2012—pace likely to continue

When prison officials pronounced convicted killer Samuel Lopez dead from a lethal injection at 10:37 a.m. Wednesday, it was the fourth execution in Arizona in the first six months of 2012. At that pace, the state could be on track to match its record of seven executions in a single year.... Read more»

Lethal-injection drug access could put executions on hold

A federal judge's decision to block imports of a drug used in executions will leave states to rely more on a substitute drug that could itself be getting scarce.... Read more»

Ruling on Az case may affect Tx death row inmates

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling Tuesday on an Arizona case could give two Texas death row inmates another chance at appeals.... Read more»

Tx death row inmate's case about more than innocence

A Texas death row inmate's best shot at a new trial may hinge on a U.S. Supreme Court case from Arizona. ... Read more»


Three decades of capital punishment in Texas

Thirty-five years ago today, the state of Utah executed Gary Gilmore by firing squad and restarted the death penalty in the United States. Texas followed suit, reinstating capital punishment in 1982 and quickly becoming home to the nation's busiest execution chamber.... Read more»1

Tx death row inmate gets chance at DNA testing

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted a stay of execution for Hank Skinner. He was set to be executed on Wednesday for the 1993 New Year's Eve murders of his live-in girlfriend and her two sons in Pampa. For more than a decade, Skinner has been seeking DNA testing in an effort to prove that he is innocent. ... Read more»

Tx death row inmate awaits ruling on DNA testing

Hank Skinner has been pleading with the state of Texas since 2001 — to no avail — to test DNA evidence he believes will prove his innocence. On Wednesday, he is set to walk into the execution chamber in Huntsville to face the ultimate punishment for three murders that he maintains he did not commit. ... Read more»

Texas to end last meals before executions

The long-standing tradition of allowing death row inmates one last special meal of their choosing before they enter the execution chamber ends immediately, said Brad Livingston, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.... Read more»