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Arizona agrees to mix new batch of drugs for Clarence Dixon execution

Arizona agreed to use a new batch of lethal injection drugs for the May 11 execution of death row inmate Clarence Dixon, after Dixon’s attorneys argued the drugs set to be used to kill him were expired, in violation of a 2017 settlement agreement.... Read more»

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Arizona judge denies execution stay despite claims of mental incompetency

An Arizona judge on Wednesday rejected the motion from convicted murderer and death row inmate Clarence Dixon to stay his execution slated for May 11 based on claims he is mentally incompetent. ... Read more»

Arizona judge mulls death row inmate’s mental competency

Pinal County Superior Court Judge Robert Olson heard oral arguments and expert testimony Tuesday to determine if he’ll stay the execution of death row inmate Clarence Dixon, currently slated for May 11. ... Read more»

Arizona death row inmate denied clemency despite claims he is mentally incompetent

The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency declined a request for clemency by reasons of mental incompetency brought by a man convicted of killing an Arizona State University student in 1977. ... Read more»

Arizona judge denies bid to halt cyanide executions ahead of May execution

A Maricopa County judge on Monday rejected a bid by the the Jewish Community Relations Council to stop Arizona’s use of cyanide gas in state executions ahead of the planned execution of Clarence Dixon on May 11. ... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court sets May execution, 1st since botched 2014 lethal injection

The Arizona Supreme Court set May 11 as the execution date for Clarence Dixon, a rapist and murderer who would become the first inmate put to death in Arizona since a badly botched lethal injection in 2014. ... Read more»

Jewish community group seeks to stop Arizona from performing cyanide gas executions

A Maricopa County judge heard arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by a Jewish community group against Arizona for the state’s continued and planned use of cyanide gas, a Holocaust-style execution method available to Arizona prisoners. ... Read more»

Supreme Court to hear appeal of death-row inmate in death of Tucson officer

The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear an Arizona death-row inmate’s claim that he was wrongly denied the chance to tell jurors he would be ineligible for parole if they sentenced him to life instead of death for the killing of Tucson Police Officer Patrick Hardesty in 2003. ... Read more»

Jewish community group sues Arizona over gas executions

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix is asking a state court to declare executions by cyanide gas — the same gas used to murder people during the Holocaust — unconstitutional. ... Read more»

Supreme Court weighs claims in two Arizona death penalty appeals

The Supreme Court on Wednesday grappled with the question of whether two Arizona death-row inmates can pursue new claims in federal court, or whether federal law prohibits hearings into those claims. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Death of ex-Az AG Grant Woods has lonely eyes looking for somewhere to turn

Where have they gone, those honest Republicans, and just how the hell did we get Paul Gosar? The death of Grant Woods, a former Arizona AG and longtime political player, has me wanting to quote Paul Simon and wistfully ask about Joe DiMaggio.... Read more»

Court upholds death sentence for Arizona man who burned ex-roommate to death

An appeals court Thursday rejected an Arizona death-row inmate’s argument that his sentence was unconstitutional because his crime, burning a former roommate to death, was committed in a brief window when the state was revising its death penalty law. ... Read more»

Arizona executions put on hold over snafu with death-penalty drugs

The state’s plan to execute two death-row inmates as early as this fall were derailed Monday when the Arizona Supreme Court ordered the state to first determine the viability of its execution drugs before pressing ahead.... Read more»

Arizona plans to use gas chamber again, sparking revulsion, disbelief

Reports that Arizona is preparing to execute death row inmates with gas similar to what was used in the Holocaust have brought responses ranging from “concerned” to “horrified,” but the most common reaction was disbelief. ... Read more»

U.S. Senate confirms Merrick Garland as attorney general

The U.S. Senate Wednesday confirmed Merrick Garland to serve as U.S. attorney general in a 70-30 vote. Garland served as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. As attorney general, he’ll lead the Justice Department as the agency continues to pursue hundreds of cases of Americans who were involved in the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. ... Read more»

Arizona finds pharmacist willing to supply execution drugs

The Arizona Department of Corrections said it has found a compound pharmacist it needs to carry out the state's first execution in six years.... Read more»

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