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Cinco de Mayo celebrations: Checking in on U.S.-Mexico relations

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as guest of honor at the Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the White House amid thawing relations with Mexico.... Read more»

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Nogales CBP agents seize 9K fentanyl tablets stashed in bicycle

Nogales U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 9,000 fentanyl pills, worth an estimated $24,500 stuffed in the frame of a bicycle, authorities said. ... Read more»

DEA expands medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse

In an effort to combat what it said were misperceptions about its policy, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced plans to expand access to medication-assisted treatment to help those suffering from substance use disorders.... Read more»

Oregon senator questions ICE 'bulk surveillance' of millions of wire transfer records

The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is calling for an investigation into what he called "an indiscriminate and bulk surveillance program" that collected data on millions of money transfers managed by federal officials in Phoenix. ... Read more»

Nogales man pleads guilty in human-smuggling probe

A 24-year-old man pleaded guilty in a Tucson federal court Friday for his role in coordinating smuggling efforts in Nogales, part of a years-long investigation launched by federal officials to clamp down on the movement of people across the Arizona-Mexico border. ... Read more»

Fentanyl, COVID-19 help drive overdose deaths to record 12-month high

The COVID-19 pandemic and a growing unsafe drug supply combined to push overdose deaths up by 27.6% in the U.S. over a 12-month period from 2020 to 2021, a surge in deaths that was matched in Arizona. ... Read more»

Social media, fentanyl a 'deadly' combination, DEA warns

The DEA confiscated millions of counterfeit fentanyl pills and over 28,000 pounds of methamphetamine as of 2020 - but keeping track of the transportation and distribution has become more complicated, because drug traffickers are using social media to sell the pills.... Read more»

Los cárteles contrabandean cada vez más fentanilo a través de la frontera

Aunque la marihuana ha sido la fuente de ingresos más rentable para los cárteles mexicanos, la legalización del cannabis en los estados de EE. UU., a provocado un cambio de rumbo: el fentanilo es más rentable, con un gramo que cuesta entre $150 y $200 en la calle, en comparación con aproximadamente $15 por gramo de marihuana.... Read more»

As marijuana profits fade, cartels increasingly smuggle fentanyl

Although marijuana has been one of the most profitable cash cows for Mexican cartels, legalization of cannabis in the U.S. has prompted a change - fentanyl is more profitable, with a gram going for $150 to $200 on the street, compared with about $15 for a gram of weed.... Read more»

Funeral set Friday for DEA agent killed in Amtrak shooting

A public funeral for DEA Special Agent Michael Garbo will be held Friday, October 8, at Calvary Chapel in Tucson. ... Read more»

Gunman killed in Tucson Amtrak shootout IDed by Medical Examiner

The man who police say started a gunfight during a drug bust aboard a passenger train in Tucson on Monday has been identified by the Pima County Medical Examiner as Darrion Taylor. ... Read more»

DEA agent killed in Tucson train gunfight IDed as Michael Garbo

A DEA agent shot and killed during a gunfight Monday in Downtown Tucson was identified as Michael G. Garbo, a Sahuarita resident and 16-year agency veteran. Criminal charges were filed against the suspect who survived the shooting incident, who had 5 lbs. of marijuana and edibles in his bags.... Read more»

DEA agent killed in gunfight at Tucson Amtrak station

A DEA agent was shot and killed during a gunfight Monday morning at the Amtrak train station in Downtown Tucson. Two other law enforcement officers were wounded, and one suspect died during the incident aboard a passenger train.... Read more»

9th Circuit rejects bid to make feds rethink stance on marijuana

The 9th Circuit on Monday refused to make the federal government reconsider its position that cannabis is a dangerous drug - though one member wrote that while this case was not ripe for review, the government may soon be forced to reconsider its stance. ... Read more»

You can smoke it but you can’t study it: Cannabis researchers get creative

As more states legalize marijuana, the plant's federal prohibition makes it difficult to study in the lab, forcing researchers to get creative in their methods to answer questions on the benefits and risks of treating conditions like cancer, anxiety and migraines with cannabis.... Read more»

Immigration advocates say Texas govenor misrepresenting numbers to justify border wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says the state needs to build a border wall to reduce migrant apprehensions and fentanyl seizures, but immigration and drug treatment experts say Abbott's oversimplifying the issue.... Read more»

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