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Democrats slam Ducey for ignoring school funding needs, COVID-19 challenges

Democrats and public school advocates said Gov. Doug Ducey had two glaring holes in his final State of the State speech on Monday: funding for public schools and COVID-19.... Read more»

Expanded Child Tax Credit program did a 'world of good,' Arizona politicians say

Advocates and Arizona government officials are praising the newly expanded Child Tax Credit, which has provided thousands of dollars to Arizona households, calling it “help when we need it the most.” ... Read more»

Public education groups ready referendum, lawsuits on tax cuts and other Arizona budget items

A coalition of public education advocacy groups looking at ways to stop Republican legislators and Gov. Ducey from undermining a tax increase in the state budget that includes massive tax cuts for the wealthy.... Read more»

Supreme Court’s 'InvestInEd' ruling breaks no new ground, stokes political feuds

Eight weeks after it ordered the #InvestInEd school-funding tax initiative pulled from this fall’s ballot, the Arizona Supreme Court explained its 5-2 ruling Friday in a 23-page opinion that critics blasted as “a very political decision.”... Read more»

'Stealth governing': Transparency missing in Az Legislature

Arizona’s legislative session this year was as hard to track as a Stealth bomber, even for many Capitol regulars. Technology is in theory giving Arizonans unprecedented access to the Legislature, but lawmakers are short-circuiting the public process.... Read more»

Bill would have Bible in schools, ban other texts

Some Arizona legislators want Bibles in the classroom, but state teachers could find themselves punished if they bring other texts into public and charter schools. ... Read more»2

Trapped in violence: Undocumented domestic abuse victims

When her husband started hitting her, Juana knew it was wrong. But she stayed, fearing that since he was a U.S. citizen and she was undocumented he could make good on threats to have her deported so that she’d never see their daughter again.... Read more»3

Halt in Clean Elections matching funds impacted some primaries

Until June, Clean Elections candidates could count on matching funds to level the playing field with privately funded candidates. Now those matching funds are on hold while the U.S. Supreme Court considers the issue.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Immigration the 'story behind the story'

Immigration is often the story behind the story of international events. • The federal government and the state of Arizona seem headed for a showdown over border security and immigration reform. • Tension continues to rise over the shooting of a Mexican boy at the border in El Paso. ... Read more»

Attorney General candidate debate videos: Democrats & Republicans

Democratic attorney general hopefuls David Lujan, Vince Rabago and Felecia Rotellini squared off in a Clean Elections debate Wednesday. Republicans Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas debated Tuesday. Watch videos of both debates.... Read more»

'Ya es hora'

Latino participation in census pushed

To get its fair share of federal funding and congressional representation out of the U.S. census, Arizona must alleviate fears and generate interest among Latino residents, Democratic leaders and community activists said Friday.... Read more»


Bills would close incest law loophole

A loophole in the law against incest handcuffs officials wanting to crack down on polygamists who marry relatives under age 18. The law currently defines incest as between adults; the bills would make the incest law apply when victims are minors.... Read more»