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Herman Cain

Herman Cain, the latest Republican candidate to join the front runners for the 2012 election, doesn’t just have the support of some GOP voters; he has the Koch brothers on his side, the Associated Press reports. Read more»

The Cato Institute was begun 34 years ago with a grant from Charles and David Koch. Additionally, the Kochs gave Cato $11 million alone in the seven-year period between 1986 and 1993.

Charles Koch justifies his puny tax rate with the argument that government spending often "does more harm than good," and adds, "my business and non-profit investments are much more beneficial to societal well-being than sending more money to Washington." Read more» 3

The Koch Industries building.

Charles and David Koch, the owners of the country’s second-largest private corporation, have played an increasingly public role as financial angels for conservative causes. What’s not so well-known is the activity of Koch Industries in the trenches in Washington, where a look at lobbying disclosures reveals a lobbying steamroller for the company’s interests, at times in conflict with its public pose. Read more»

The Koch Industries ad aimed at the media.

The Koch Industries boycott is taking hold. Americans have begun to wonder just how much influence these guys have purchased. Now the Kochs are fighting back. Read more»

Union protesters at the Wisconsin state capitol, Saturday.

This battle appears to be reaching a kind of culmination as conservative class warriors launch what they hope will be a final assault on the hard-earned rights of working people and their families to fight for themselves and their families against the forces of combined wealth and influence amassed to crush them. The coming weeks may provide our answer. Read more» 1

About once a year, so much big political news happens that a single column can’t be devoted to a single topic. This is that week. So lace up your running shoes. Read more»

Greenland's Sermeq Kujalleq glacier has thinned in recent years. Politico reports that Fox News Vice President Bill Sammon sent an email to staff last December insisting that everyone at the station refrain from recognizing the global scientific consensus on man-made global warming.

Another day, and another piece of incontrovertible evidence that the folks at Fox News are exclusively in the business of pushing propaganda, rather than reporting “news.” On health care and climate change, the channel chooses sides as it chooses its words. Read more»

David Koch, center, poses with his wife Julia and Fred Thompson in 2007. Koch funds a vast network of pseudo-scientific organizations to undermine legitimate climate science, and he also funds Tea Party groups that provide foot soldiers to march on behalf of his and his fellow plutocrats’ financial and political interests.

Think again: The media is slow to realize that outside groups are spending hard to tilt the balance of our democracy in their favor, explains Eric Alterman. Read more» 1

The Supreme Court, Washington D.C.

Smart v. Stupid: The New York Times is reporting that the billionaire Koch Brothers regularly convene secret conclaves of industrialists aiming to prevent government from regulating business.The attendees also include two Supreme Court justices and three news agencies who never report on the meetings. Read more»