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What the Devil won't tell you

The right stance? Farley, Garcia swing at air in Dem primary

I wrote last year that Gov. Ducey could be vulnerable to a Democrat if the 2018 election turned into a referendum on Donald Trump. I keep forgetting that the Democrats themselves have a say in the matter.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Despite her history of helping Dems, party walks away from Kelly Fryer's gov run

A conservative activist takes a look at Kelly Fryer's run for governor.... Read more»

El Chisme: How could you let this happen?

As early ballots go out, some candidates seem to be fumbling in a panic. Plus, accurate quotations aren't child's play; KVOA's new motto: More than 2 weeks late, less than half the story; Cunninghams poised to sting Bee; & more actually factual tidbits, gossip, rumors & alternative truths about politics in Tucson.... Read more»

Latino voters in Arizona could make the difference in upcoming elections

Leaders and activists in the Arizona Latino community are determined to flip Arizona from a red state to a purple state in November by mobilizing Latino voters.... Read more»

Ducey unveils optimistic 2019 budget with emphasis on school spending

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s office released his proposed fiscal 2019 budget on Friday with hopes the state will return to pre-recession spending. His focus: K-12 education.... Read more»

Tucsonan Fryer makes 3rd Dem running for Az governor

Another Democrat has jumped into the gubernatorial primary: Local YWCA head Kelly Fryer is joining Tucson legislator Steve Farley and ASU professor David Garcia, who lost a 2014 race for state schools superintendent.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Farley vs. Trump: Is spite enough?

The road to the governor's chair in Phoenix runs through Mar-a-Lago, Fla., and what may look like an imploding disaster may be, in fact, buyer satisfaction among the GOP. Does state Sen. Steve Farley have a chance to unseat Gov. Doug Ducey?... Read more»

Would Douglas’ stand against Common Core doom the standards?

If her current lead holds, Arizona will elect as superintendent of public instruction a Tea Party Republican who has made eliminating the state’s version of the Common Core central to her campaign. Diane Douglas’ stance on the standards has aroused concerns among education advocates and contributed to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s decision to endorse Democrat David Garcia.... Read more»1

Douglas has narrow lead over Garcia in schools chief race

Early results show that Republican Diane Douglas with a narrow lead over Democrat David Garcia in the race for state superintendent of public instruction.... Read more»1

Superintendent candidates present different visions for Common Core

The two candidates for state superintendent of public instruction have strikingly different visions for the future of the Common Core State Standards in Arizona.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson Ward 5 face-off: Fimbres vs. Polak

The Ward 5 Tucson City Council candidates — Democrat Richard Fimbres and Republican Mike Polak — squared off. Also, a conversation with David Garcia, candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Plus, a preview of the upcoming Tucson Classic Car Show with Chuck Sawyer and Bill Moore, chair of the Rotary Club of Tucson Grants Committee.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Should Az's top school official be an educator?

The Monday Political Face-Off featured John Munger and Vince Rabago. Also, we talked with ASU Education Prof. David Garcia, who is considering a run for state superintendent of public instruction. Plus, a fun summer is planned at Tucson's Reid Park Zoo and we get a preview from Kristen Metzger, the zoo's education supervisor.... Read more»

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