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Special Arizona legislative session expected for plan to 'repeal-and-accelerate' tax cut package

Lawmakers are preparing for a possible special session to make changes to last year’s historic income tax cut package in a way that would avert a statewide vote on it in November, and to try to reverse a recent law that temporarily eliminates elections elections for political party activists.... Read more»

Arizona GOP divided over reparations for workers who refused COVID vaccine

The Arizona House of Representatives on Monday gave preliminary approval to House Bill 2198, in which employers could be forced to fork out a year’s wages as reparations to employees whose religious exemptions from a company’s COVID-19 vaccination policy were denied. ... Read more»

Longtime Az lawmaker Frank Pratt dead at 79; Ducey orders flags to half-staff

Frank Pratt, a Republican state representative from Casa Grande, died Tuesday. He was 79 years old. Gov. Doug Ducey ordered that flags be flown at half-staff across Arizona on Wednesday in his honor.... Read more»

Biden administration snubs Ducey in Western wildfire meeting

Gov. Doug Ducey was one of just three Western governors that the White House didn’t invite to a meeting on wildfires that the Biden administration convened, despite the particularly nasty fire season that Arizona is currently facing.... Read more»

Arizona Senate approves $12.8 B budget, massive tax cut

The Senate approved all budget bills, nearly all on 16-14 party-line votes throughout Tuesday and into the early morning hours of Wednesday.... Read more»

Ducey signs $100 million in emergency funding to fight wildfires

Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday signed off on $100 million in emergency funding aimed at alleviating the impact of wildfires that have ravaged rural Arizona this month.... Read more»

Staring at a government shutdown, Arizona Republicans seek compromise on tax cuts

Sen. Paul Boyer - one of the two GOP holdouts blocking the proposed budget and tax cut plan forged by Republican leaders and Gov. Doug Ducey - is working on a compromise plan, while threat from the Telegraph Fire has delayed plans by second holdout David Cook, R-Globe, to put forth his own proposal.... Read more»

Single GOP lawmaker joins Dems in defeating Ducey's flat tax in Az Legislature

Arizona Republicans’ latest effort to force through a budget fell short again as GOP Rep. David Cook continued his opposition over a massive income-tax cut, voting with his Democratic colleagues to sink the plan.... Read more»

Rep. Cook's family ordered to evacuate home in path of wildfire

In the midst of casting the deciding vote against a massive tax cut for wealthy Arizonans that doomed a Republican-led budget proposal Monday, Rep. David Cook got word that his family has been ordered to evacuate their home in Globe due to the approaching Telegraph Fire, which has reached over 56,000 acres. ... Read more»

Globe Republican David Cook votes against flat-tax proposal, scuttling GOP budget

Arizona House Republicans’ effort to force through a budget fell short again as GOP Rep. David Cook continued his opposition over a massive income tax cut package, arguing that the small cities in his largely rural district can’t afford the revenue losses they’ll incur from the proposed flat tax. ... Read more»

Arizona House to return for budget vote, but GOP support remains in question

The House of Representatives is back in session and will take another shot at passing a budget, including a massive income tax cut that would replace Arizona’s graduated income tax brackets with a flat 2.5% rate, but it still doesn’t appear to have the unanimous support from Republicans that it needs to pass.... Read more»

Unable to win GOP support for a budget, Arizona lawmakers pause work for 2 weeks

The Senate on Thursday abandoned plans to vote on a budget and instead adjourned until June 10 amid a stalemate over a proposed budget deal and the massive income tax cut it includes, a day after the House did the same, though both chambers could return earlier if lawmakers reach a deal.... Read more»1


Unemployment aid up, taxes cut in Az budget deal. But can it win GOP support?

Unemployment benefits will go up while tax rates will go down, especially for the wealthiest Arizonans, under the budget deal forged by Gov. Doug Ducey and legislative Republican leaders, but questions remain about GOP support for the legislation.... Read more»

Ducey signs bill recognizing validity of consular ID cards

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill that would end a ban on state agencies and local governments recognizing the validity of consular identification cards. The proposal earned broad bipartisan support, and Ducey said Senate Bill 1420 “enhances public safety by offering a secure, reliable form of identification to be accepted in Arizona.”... Read more»

Consular ID measure headed to Ducey’s desk

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives approved on Wednesday a measure to end a 2011 law that prohibits state and local governments from recognizing consular identification cards if biometric verification like fingerprints and retina scans are used.... Read more»