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World's nationalists together to dig united Europe's grave

Commentary: The rise of anti-European Europe will be tested in the coming Euro-elections.... Read more»

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Syria’s agony, Washington’s quandary

It's all but official: The United States and its allies have accepted that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people and they are prepared to respond. The big question now is how? And, even more important, to what end?... Read more»


The U.S. and Britain: Extra super-secret special relationship?

When it comes to security, the special relationship is raising questions about whether the two countries are doing each other’s dirty work.... Read more»

Gay marriage becomes legal in England after queen's assent

The same-sex marriage bill was passed by the lower house of the British parliament on Tuesday with support from Prime Minister David Cameron. ... Read more»


To discourage immigrants, Brits try to create image of UK as undesirable

Staring down a flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants when restrictions expire at the end of the year, British ministers recently proposed a unique idea: an ad campaign to make the UK look like a terrible place to live.... Read more»

Think again

Murdoch, Murdoch, everywhere

Rupert Murdoch is the most powerful man in global media, which makes him a strong contender for the most powerful individual in the world. There is no good way to measure this, but the mere panoply of interests and the devil-may-care attitude his employees take toward professional ethics vastly magnifies his power and influence beyond merely giving people the news in his typical biased fashion.... Read more»

Independence vote divides Scotland

When Scottish nationalists this week secured a deal to hold a referendum on independence from Britain, they were trading heavily on their country's historical and cultural identity.... Read more»

Comic: G8 Summit


President Obama and Chancellor Merkel have a bit of fun at the expense of Prime Minister Cameron.... Read more»

Comic: G8 Summit

State dinner

At Camp David, a summit runs on its stomach.... Read more»

UK expels Iranian diplomats after embassy attack

Britain expelled all Iranian diplomats from the UK in response to the attack on its embassy in Tehran, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced Wednesday. Iran's embassy in London has been ordered to close immediately, Hague told parliament. ... Read more»

U.S. intel used in rebel advance on Tripoli, report says

The rapid advance of Libyan rebels into Tripoli was the result of a strategy formulated with the help of British, French and Qatari special forces, and with intelligence provided by the Obama administration, NATO and U.S. military and intelligence officials have reportedly said.... Read more»

Cameron vows to mend broken Britain

British Prime Minister David Cameron promised Monday to overhaul government policy to tackle a "slow-motion moral collapse" which he said lay at the heart of last week's deadly riots.... Read more»

Comic: Riots in Great Britain

The history of social media as a tool to incite violence

The British government is exploring ways in which it might restrict the use of social media.... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

David Cameron's Britain

This week's riots in Britain have renewed the debate about multiculturalism: how much should immigrants (be forced to) assimilate into their adopted cultures?... Read more»

U.K. has night of relative calm after rioting

A fifth night of violence was prevented in Britain with a huge police operation and heavy rain in some areas. During the evening magistrates worked around the clock to fast track people suspected of rioting.... Read more»

Duggan scene evidence could spark more London rioting

Police and community leaders fear the London riots may spread now that an initial inquiry revealed that a handgun found at the scene of the police shooting that killed Mark Duggan had not been fired.... Read more»

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