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TUSD Governing Board member Mike Hicks on The Daily Show.

Comic news program The Daily Show took on TUSD's ongoing controversy over ethnic studies Monday night. Here's the video. Read more» 3

Didja see the Republican debates the other night? Didja catch the ovation the crowd gave to the news Gov. Rick Perry had offed 234 death row inmates? Read more» 2

Fox News is nothing if not impressive. No matter how harsh the criticism it endures, the network somehow always manages to prove itself even worse than we had previously imagined. Read more»

Here's a large statement with scanty evidence, yet one I believe nonetheless: 21st century media historians will record that the decline of Fox News Channel as a dominant force in right-wing politics began on May 16, 2011. Read more» 3

First responders listen to President Obama's speech at the memorial service.

Cable news commentators, many from Fox News, have laid into Wednesday's memorial service organizers and attendees alike.You know what, Brit Hume? The satellite trucks are pulling out of town, the last medical briefing has been given, the media are moving on to the next big story. We're the ones who remain. Read more» 10

Sam Fulwood III wonders what’s become of our country’s political dialogue when mock rallies threaten to draw more supporters than real ones. Read more» 1

Farmworkers near Hollister, Calif., in 2009.

House Minority Leader John Boehner says he thinks it’s weird that Democrats have “time to bring a comedian to Congress but they don't have time to end the uncertainty by extending the tax cuts." The reaction to Colbert’s appearance has been largely negative. Washington does not like this character who captures the city so well—at least not in person. Read more»

When he warned of terror babies on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last week, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, told Cooper that he and comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, could “have their fun” with him. So, Stewart did. Read more»

Not to be outdone by the Colbert Report's take on the immigration situation, the Daily Show knocked out two clips on Arizona's interesting laws. Read more»

With a tagline of "short term memory gloss," the Daily Show's Jon Stewart raked Sen. John McCain over the coals for changing his position on several issues. Stewart accused McCain of selling his soul on Tuesday's show. Read more»

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart had an observation or two about the recent (apparent) rapprochement between John McCain and Sarah Palin. Read more» 1