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Cyber insurance price hike hits local governments hard

Across the United States, many local governments and states — as well as private companies — are discovering their cyber insurance premiums have skyrocketed and that they must meet stricter guidelines if they want to get coverage or renew their policies.... Read more»

Ransomware attacks on hospitals put patients at risk

In the past few years, a growing number of hospitals and health care organizations across the U.S. have faced cyberattacks, interrupting care and putting patients at risk, including some public health facilities run by state or local governments. ... Read more»

Cyber experts were braced for Russian attacks before Biden’s warning

When President Joe Biden told business leaders recently that it was their “patriotic obligation” to protect their networks from likely Russian cyberattacks, security officials in Arizona agreed with a nod – and a shrug. ... Read more»

Local governments are attractive targets for hackers and are ill-prepared

It is a costly fact of modern life that organizations from pipelines and shipping companies to hospitals - and local governments, like schools and hospitals - are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the threat of cyberattacks from Russia and other nations makes a bad situation worse. ... Read more»

Special master chooses experts for Arizona 'audit' examination of routers and logs

The special master who is overseeing the examination of Maricopa County’s routers as part of the so-called “audit” of the 2020 election has selected his team of experts, and the Senate has provided him with a list of questions it wants answered. ... Read more»

Despite decades of hacking attacks, companies leave vast amounts of sensitive data unprotected

Cybertheft conjures images of high-tech missions, with sophisticated hackers penetrating layers of security systems to steal data - but lax security measures mean many breaches are the equivalent of grabbing jewels from an unlocked car parked in a high-crime neighborhood.... Read more»

Remember Stuxnet? Why the U.S. is still vulnerable

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security revealed a rash of cyber attacks on natural gas pipeline companies. There was no damage, but security experts worry it may only be a matter of time. ... Read more»

Anonymous, joining Wikileaks, hacks into the big time

Analysts say that Anonymous' collaboration with Wikileaks, along with recent hacks against the FBI and its release of a video Monday declaring "war" on the U.S. government, has elevated the hacker group from its previous status as a petty annoyance to a real threat.... Read more»3