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Red tape and the 'mask god': Arizona group looks back on successful PPE drive

In the first months of the pandemic, when demand for personal protective equipment far exceeded supply, Sam Wang helped lead a group called Chinese Americans COVID-19 Relief AZ, whose 40 volunteers used their skills to secure 158,000 masks from China for communities in Arizona.... Read more»

CBP: 2 Tucson residents arrested, $197K in pot seized in smuggling attempts

Two Tucson residents were arrested in separate incidents Wednesday for attempting to smuggle 395 pounds of marijuana worth around $197,000 through the Douglas port of entry, authorities said.... Read more»

Repatriation program for Mexican immigrants evolving

Tight budgets have forced a halt this year to the Migration Interior Repatriation Program (MIRP), which flies illegal immigrants back to Mexico. Government officials say they are working on a new, strategic program that will function similarly to the MIRP.... Read more»


American kids often left behind when parents deported

In the first half of 2011 alone, more than 46,000 illegal immigrants with children were deported, leaving more than 5,000 children in foster care. It's a growing problem, says a recent report. (with video)... Read more»2

Smart v. Stupid

The 'danged fence' is a big fib

Anyone who tells you the solution to illegal migration is more border enforcement is either a darn fool or a damned liar. In this election season, politicians are seemingly apoplectic about illegal immigration. People from south of us don’t come here for our way of life or to plop out progeny. They come here for the cash.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Jan Brewer’s 'Southern Strategy'

Smart v. Stupid: A media narrative has emerged about immigration, something to the tune of “everybody agrees that 'Washington hasn’t done its job.'” Republicans like the narrative. Immigration-reform advocates like it. Gov. Jan Brewer likes it. The trouble is, it's just not true.... Read more»

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Who's in charge of Customs & Border Protection?

When high-ranking officials travel to Mexico on Tuesday to discuss that country's role in combating border violence, one key member of the team will be missing: the commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection... Read more»