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Social distancing is key to slowing coronavirus. That’s a shock to border culture

Social distancing may pose the biggest challenge for borderland residents who not only greet each other with handshakes and hugs but also in some cases the customary kiss on the cheek that is popular in Mexico.... Read more»

Amid coronavirus concerns, Justice Dep't continues 'Remain in Mexico' hearings

It was business as usual Monday on the Migrant Protection Protocols docket in federal immigration courts, and groups that work in them are raising concerns about the risk to migrants and court staff.... Read more»

Mexican border cities: too dangerous for Americans but safe enough for migrants, U.S. government says

The State Department has issued warnings advising against travel to Mexican border states and the president has considered labeling cartels as terrorist organizations. But Trump officials continue to downplay the violence in cities where "remain in Mexico" is in place. ... Read more»

At a Mexican safe house, migrants risk violence as they wait in the shadows

A couple in Ciudad Juárez has opened their home to shelter Central American migrants hoping to obtain asylum in the U.S. And the migrants risk their safety every time they leave the house.... Read more»

Understatement of the year in Mexico: 'The situation got out of control'

Police have arrested two men and seek a third for the weekend stabbing-murders of eight members of an extended family in Ciudad Juarez, an attack that spread fear in the Mexican border city that was once a world murder capital.... Read more»

Concerns raised on immigration bill and asylum seekers

Christian Chaidez, 30, fled to the U.S. from Mexico in 2011. He and his mother are two of the last of their family members standing. Ten of their relatives, small-business owners including Chaidez's father and grandmother, were murdered for refusing to pay extortion to gangs during the height of Juarez's brutal drug war.... Read more»

Mexico’s murder city opera

Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, has gained global notoriety as the most murderous city on the planet with a stunning 3,075 homicides last year. But this week, it has thankfully gained some media attention for a lighter side: opera. ... Read more»

Mexican drug cartel leader 'had 1,500 people murdered'

Police said a captured Mexican drug cartel leader confessed to ordering the deaths of 1,500 people in Ciudad Juarez, including the murders of a U.S. consulate worker and her husband.... Read more»

Analysts expect Mexican drug violence to continue

A prediction that one of the most notorious cartels operating on the Texas-Mexico border could soon meet its demise was premature, according to a new report on Mexican cartels. Instead, its authors caution that daily bloodshed may continue unabated.... Read more»

In Juarez car bomb, a ruthless trap for police

Raids on American-owned explosives could be behind sophisticated car bomb set off in Ciudad Juarez. ... Read more»