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ASU journalism school to open Washington bureau

Cronkite News Service, one of TucsonSentinel.com's media partners, is establishing a bureau in Washington, D.C. Beginning in May, advanced journalism students from ASU will "cover Congress, federal agencies, the White House and the Supreme Court, searching for stories that uniquely impact Arizona news readers and viewers."... Read more»

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Quartzsite’s vendors prepare for flock of snowbirds

Every winter, vendors descend on this remote patch of western Arizona desert. Right behind is a flock of RVs filled with retirees looking for a warm winter and good deals.... Read more»

Special report

Some Clean Elections money went toward laptops, hiring relatives

Some of the 107 candidates who received public money to run for the state Legislature this year bought computers, cameras and printers that are theirs to keep and paid relatives as campaign workers and consultants. Expenses included $60 for NRA dues, $650 for mariachis and $229.87 for a “post-debate discussion” with campaign staffers at T.G.I. Friday’s.... Read more»

New rules promote exercise, nutrition at child care centers

Provisions encouraging at least an hour of physical activity per day are part of a revamped set of state rules for child care centers that aim to promote health and fitness.... Read more»

Latinos face cultural, structural barriers in building wealth

75 percent of Mexican immigrants – legal and illegal – don't have bank accounts. A lack of legal identification, a history of mistrusting banks in their home country and the perceived complexities of banking in another language keep many outside the financial system, with long-term effects.... Read more»

Police see more prescription drug impairment in DUI stops

When Mesa Police Officer James Boubelik pulls someone over for reckless driving, he looks for clues of impairment like dilated pupils, slurred speech or the smell of alcohol. But it's more than just alcohol and illegal drugs that Boubelik and other officers are looking for these days.... Read more»

Foreclosure rate helps lure new Fannie Mae office to Arizona

Mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae has opened a mortgage help center in Arizona to help struggling homeowners with loans owned by the company.... Read more»

Community colleges team up to pursue $35 million in grants

Two groups of Arizona community colleges are organizing to bid for $35 million in grants the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering to help more students complete their studies.... Read more»

Education likely target after Prop 301, 302 defeats

Facing a $450 million hole in their plan to close the state's budget deficit, GOP lawmakers are likely to respond to the failure of Propositions 301 and 302 with cuts to education, two economists said.... Read more»

Arizona faces decisions on borrowing for unemployment fund

With the unemployment rate still hovering near 10 percent, Arizona has drained its jobless benefit fund, forcing the state to borrow millions from the federal government to help out-of-work residents.... Read more»

Judge rejects Pearce’s attempt to join lawsuit against Glendale casino

Hours after a group of state lawmakers vowed to join a lawsuit aimed at blocking a Tohono O'odham casino in the West Valley, a federal judge Thursday rejected one state senator's attempt to do so.... Read more»

Advocates urge relatives, friends to look for signs of domestic violence

"Everyone thinks domestic violence is bad until the abusive person is their best friend, their brother, their employee, and then the victim is crazy, nagging, dramatic and it doesn't exist."... Read more»

Piles of early ballots make for long count

Early ballots will be the first tallied on election night. And if history is a guide, they will also be among the last. Election night is just the beginning for county election officials, who not only tabulate ballots cast on Nov. 2 but also count the slew of early ballots turned in on Election Day.... Read more»

Proposition 203

Arizona senators speak out against medical marijuana

U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl led a group of Republican officials Wednesday denouncing a ballot measure that would allow medical marijuana.... Read more»

More Arizona schools pursuing HealthierUS nutrition standards

Watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and orange. For many children, these are the flavors of their favorite candies and slushes. But for the students at Lake Valley Elementary School, they are typical fresh-fruit choices offered at the salad bar.... Read more»

Proposition 302

Retired police chiefs: First Things First reduces crime down the road

Helping at-risk children develop social skills and the ability to learn before they enter school prevents crime in the long run, retired Mesa Police Chief Dennis Donna said Monday. Proposition 302 would transfer $325 million from First Things First to help address the budget deficit.... Read more»

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