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U.S. correctional population drops 22% over decade

Although the U.S. is still the world’s largest per capita jailer, the total number of people under correctional supervision in the United States has dropped below 5.6 million for the first time since 1996.... Read more»

How the invisible hand of Steve Twist shaped Az's punitive justice system

Over four decades, Arizona victims’ rights advocate, adjunct law professor and former assistant state attorney general Steve Twist has had an enduring impact on policies that created one of the nation’s most punitive state criminal justice systems.... Read more»

Oklahoma tribal sovereignty case gets Supreme Court review, not reversal

The Supreme Court will revisit – but not overturn – its landmark 2020 decision that said a large part of eastern Oklahoma is still legally Muscogee (Creek) reservation land, a ruling that state officials claim has upended trial courts there.... Read more»