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‘We’re aides, not maids.’ How one high-demand job shows education system’s failings

Key to enabling older adults to remain at home is expanding the number of home health aides, but attracting aides is challenging; it’s exhausting work, with low pay, often no benefits, little respect and is overwhelmingly done by women of color and a dwindling number of immigrants.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Require CPR training for junior high, high school students

SB 1337, authored by Sen. Barbara McGuire, D-Kearny, has won endorsements from the Senate Appropriation Committee and Senate Education Committee. The measure would require public schools and charter schools to have each student receive CPR training at least once between seventh and 12th grades.... Read more»

State agency touts program to reduce heart attack deaths

An Arizona Department of Health Services program that aims to reduce heart attack deaths celebrated its first participants Monday as well as a life saved.... Read more»

Tell, don't ask: Simple change in 911 procedure saving lives

Longtime Mesa 911 operator LeAnn McLaws was skeptical at first. After 17 years of asking callers if they wanted to start giving CPR to a cardiac arrest victim, the department told her and others last fall to stop asking and begin telling: “I need you to start CPR.”... Read more»

Automated devices for jolting hearts could be costing lives

The costly equipment switchover to automated defibrillators, which was recommended more than a decade ago by the American Heart Association, increasingly seems to have been a mistake. The latest, most extensive research suggests that the new gear, now found in nearly all hospitals, saves fewer lives than the old, lower-tech defibrillators.... Read more»