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Arizona farmers can legally grow industrial hemp, but will they take the risk?

Gazing over the cotton fields on his 300-acre farm outside Casa Grande, Paul Ollerton weighed the risks and opportunities of a new crop that, come this summer, will be legal to grow for the first time in decades.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Arizona's 54th Legislature: Smell the sanity (and/or fear)

The 54th Arizona Legislature is acting someone put two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen in their drinking water. Could it be they’ve read my work? Or do they just know a thing or two about elections and consequences?... Read more»

Native American farmers plan moves to global market, greater sustainability

Native Americans are the primary operators of more than half of all farm or ranches in the state, making Arizona’s agriculture landscape unique.... Read more»

Killing the Colorado

Across West, 'use or lose' laws encourage water waste

A vestige of 139-year-old water law pushes ranchers to use as much water as they possibly can, even during a drought. “Use it or lose it” clauses are common in state laws throughout the Colorado River basin and give the farmers, ranchers and governments holding water rights a powerful incentive to use more water than they need. ... Read more»

Killing the Colorado

How Arizona cotton is fueling the West's water crisis

The government's damaging choice to back cotton in the desert.... Read more»1

Az farmers cotton to crop as price doubles

Purchases of everything from bath towels to jeans have boosted demand for cotton and improved prospects for growers in Arizona and around the world. U.S. farmers have booked sales double last year's — 6.25 million bales.... Read more»

Comic: International trade

Brazil goes nuts over U.S. export subsidies

Capping a nine-year trade dispute over U.S. farm export credit guarantees, Brazil announced it would impost a broad range of sanctions on U.S. imports.... Read more»