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Democrats launch campaign highlighting Blake Masters' 'extreme' abortion position

Democrats are launching an ad campaign about the “extreme” position on abortion of Republican nomination for U.S. Senate Blake Masters, who has referred to abortion as a “sacrificial ritual” to the left and called for a federal “personhood” law for fetuses.... Read more»

If more students become pregnant post-Roe, are we prepared to support them?

Though Title IX guarantees the right to an education for pregnant and parenting students, schools already fail this population, and advocates worry the Supreme Court elimination of the right to abortion could increase the number of pregnant and parenting teens.... Read more»

Bill guaranteeing right to birth control blocked in U.S. Senate by Republican

U.S. Senate Democrats tried to pass legislation Wednesday that would guarantee women can continue using contraception if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the long-standing precedent, the way it did with abortion.... Read more»

U.S. House passes bill guaranteeing contraception access, with 8 GOP votes

The U.S. House voted mostly along party lines Thursday to send the Senate legislation that would guarantee people the right to use contraception without government interference - with all four GOP members of Arizona’s delegation voting against the bill.... Read more»

Some states are already targeting birth control

The Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade will further fuel some conservatives’ efforts to limit access to birth control - as Republican lawmakers have begun a push to restrict access to birth control methods they claim are abortifacients.... Read more»

GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters wants to allow states to ban contraception use

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturns women’s constitutional right to abortion this summer, Blake Masters, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate and Tucson-based venture capitalist, thinks judges should also take aim at the right to buy and use contraception. ... Read more»

Q&A: How Arizona's PRJKT RUBY gets contraceptives to women in need in the U.S. and developing countries

Seven years ago, inspired by his daughters, Arizonan Peter Ax created a discreet and easy way to get birth control to women in need in the U.S. and donate money toward improving reproductive care in the developing world. ... Read more»

Az exec launches effort to provide cheap birth control, support women's health

After his teenage daughters visited Africa and Asia, the head of a Scottsdale-based venture capital firm decided to start offering affordable birth control in the U.S. and putting the proceeds toward reproductive health in the Third World.... Read more»

Endangered species condoms mark Earth Day with an earthy message

The Center for Biological Diversity worries that Earth Day has lost its focus on overpopulation, so it will deliver an unusual reminder – 50,000 free endangered species condoms. The condom giveaway is just one of many ways people are marking Earth Day. ... Read more»

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Re-establishing religious liberty post-Hobby Lobby

Federal and state lawmakers must ensure that religious liberty is not used as a force to discriminate or impose costs on others.... Read more»1