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At urgent care, he got 5 stitches and a big surprise: a plastic surgeon’s bill for $1,040

Under a law Congress passed last year, many surprise medical bills will be banned starting in January, but urgent care clinics were not explicitly addressed in the No Surprises Act - and individuals could still get hit with large bills while trying to stay out of the emergency room. ... Read more»

Debt collectors have made a fortune this year; now they’re coming for more

After a pause for the pandemic, debt buyers are back in the courts, suing debtors by the thousands.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The new American politics: Voting with dollars

The future of elections rest with how you spend your paycheck. This election season marks a tipping point for American politics. We are at the moment when money is poised to replace voting as the way that elections are decided. ... Read more»