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Despite dangers to kids, courts stymie regulators over powerful magnet toys

Over the past decade, thousands of children have been treated at emergency rooms after swallowing high-powered magnets, according to Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates. Parents and doctors reported cases of children who were hospitalized with injuries such as perforated intestines and bowels. At least two children in the U.S. have died.... Read more»

Judicial secrecy turns consumer protection case into mystery

When the Consumer Product Safety Commission launched SaferProducts.gov, a database allowing consumers to report and learn about hazardous products, it was inevitable that some business would go to court to keep a customer’s complaint private. But the first legal challenge is shrouded in mystery.... Read more»

Home builders lobby weakens drywall legislation

A bill heralded by lawmakers as a victory for thousands of homeowners harmed by contaminated drywall was weakened after input from the homebuilding industry.... Read more»

Fireplace makers to add screens to prevent severe toddler burns

To stave off regulation and lawsuits over severe burns to toddlers, manufacturers will provide protective screens as standard equipment with new gas fireplaces. The industry has revised its voluntary guidelines to call for the addition of mesh screens to be attached to new fireplaces. The aim is to prevent contact with the scorching glass fronts, which get hot enough to melt skin.... Read more»

Fireplace industry resists regulation over child burns

Consumer groups and anguished parents are urging the Consumer Product Safety Commission to impose federal safety regulations for fireplace glass, but the fireplace industry, which up to now has policed itself, is resisting. ... Read more»